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  1. I haven't shopped there for a LONG time but went in tonight looking for a bag and came out with clothes instead :biggrin: I'd post pics but am having alterations done. What do you guys think of the eluna bags? I'm not too sold on them, but I like the fact that you can change the handles. I'm thinking about getting the hot pink one to match my outfit, but thats probably the only outfit I'd use it with. If you do have it, what straps/color combinations do you have?:idea:
  2. pic?
  3. I saw eluna bags when I was in Escada last week and REALLY liked them. You lucky girl!!! Def. post pics!!!
  4. I like the bag but I think for that price I'd rather get a less generic looking bag... or maybe I'm thinking of a totally different Escada purse than the one you're speaking of.
  5. I like the eluna a lot. Why the heck doesn't the escada shopping site give you a US$ option? IF it does I can't see it.
    I don't like the pink, personally, but it comes in tons of colors (which their website also doesn't let you view):

  6. Did you have the store alter the clothes for you? I know that all the stores have an inhouse seamstress and do alteration right there and then.

    Anyway, the Eluna is cute but doesn't do much for me. I was eyeing a different bag from their sports collection (kinda like a boston bag) but they don't sell them in the US. My hubby works for Escada so I get a huge discount.
  7. ^^^I did have them do it in house, but I was there until half an hour after closing so I told them I could come back to pick it up at a later time :lol: Lucky you that your hubby works there :biggrin:

    I'm not too sure about the eluna either, but its growing on me since I now have the matching clothes :biggrin: I'm thinking of going with the magenta with the black strap. I can always change it back to the magenta strap, but I think the whole fun with those bags is changing the strap. I think most of them were around $795 USD.
  8. I love the Elunas! Terri Hatcher had one in red. I thought they were $500 on their website? I havent been on there in so long.
  9. the eluna's a little too plain/simplistic for me but if i weren't so button/pocket/embellishment crazy i'd say go for it.....

    noriko u seem to have a much bigger budget than i do......i'd say skip the bag and go for the JEWLERY......i absolutely love the escada diamonds rings they're gorgeous............
  10. ^^^:lol: I'm around jewelry all the time since I have a job in fine jewelry. I have a ton of jewelry already, and for some reason bags are my real passion :biggrin: My mother tells me the same thing though, shes like why not buy more jewelry???!?!?!?! I am holding out for the wreath necklace :lol: