ESCADA Sample Sale

  1. Just a heads up... Escada sample sale 3/8-3/11 401 7th avenue NYC...
  2. Do you know if they are having it in LA? Thanks!!
  3. Does anyone know what they will be selling?? I don't know escada very well just know they make perfume but I'm always curious about a sample sale :smile: let me know thanks guys!!!
  4. haha funny. i am going to be working at the sale. its basically dresses, a lot of the ladies go crazy about the dresses. a lot of cocktail dresses and wedding dresses. they have some shoes and handbags and just jeans, tops, sweaters, everything. it really depends on your style i guess :p
  5. i dont live and ny can they send me anything if i call them and ill pay shipping?
  6. I doubt it :sad: It's really hectic over there so it would be really difficult.
  7. Do have any idea as to how the prices will go? Do you think its worth checking out or, like the Barney's Warehouse Sale: all hype and dusty clothing?
  8. hmmmm i think it would really depend on yoru style. i would say the dresses make it worth it. but from my experience last year, i also saw some cute shoes, blouses and sweaters.. but other than that it really wasn't my style. since its a sample sale a lot of the clothing are from last years line or i would even have to saw 2 years ago.

    if you like escada's clothing and stuff i would say check it out... i remember though the first day had a really long line :\ if i work there i can try to tell you what I saw there.
  9. Do you know the times?
  10. I live in New York and went to the sale last year when it was in New Jersey at a hotel. I made it there easily enough, but by the time I left it was dark and I was a bit concerned walking along the highway to the busstop. I went to the hotel and asked a clerk about getting a cab to the bus and she had the van driver take me to the bus. I never said I was staying there, but I also didn't disabuse them of the assumption.