Escada bags, anyone???? Pls

  1. Hello all,
    I am hoping to get my hands on an Escada bag but none of the stores here in Sacramento sell this brand. I saw the escada bags when I went to LA two months ago and would really want to own one. Do you guys know any legit websites I could buy them from? Kindly share that info, pretty please..

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I would like some escada bags, anyone can help me find a site that sells such bags? Thank you.
  3. Honey, you just posted this same thing 22 minutes ago! You have to be patient!
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  4. Oki sorry for that.. thanks... didnt want to be impatient.. sorry again..
  5. LOL! That's okay, we women reseve the right to be impatient! We just try and keep the board as clutter free as possible.
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  6. Swanky, do you know if is trustworthy? I dont see it mentioned anywhere on the websites list in Seller Watch.

    If it is, there are some Escada bags there.
  7. according to the seller watch section, they sell fake and real bags, so kinda iffy to buy from them...
  8. Oooh, I don't know! I saw Balenciaga there, maybe some of our gurus can tell us. They won't know unless we post it in Seller Watch though.
  9. I went to the site, and they are really inexpensive.. when I went to the outlet store for Escada, the bags were still over a thousand dollars.. hmm, I wonder if the bags at the site are for real..
  10. still needing help.. plss
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  12. Is it fair to assume that no one in here is into escada bags?