ERRRRRRR! Im so irritated.....has this happened to you?

  1. I just really need to vent-

    So I recently won an Aaneta bag (small Hera in Esmerelda) off of eBay- I got it 4 a steal at 75 dollars ( It retails around $300-$350). While i was walking in Target today the strap disconnects completely! Because this is a hobo bag, it just falls off of my arm! (so embarrasing!) The leather came unthreaded and fell apart where it was originally stapled- I am just SO frusterated! I am pretty sure this is not a fake or anything- the brand does not really get faked and the seller bought it from which is reputable site for Aaneta bags as far as I know- I think this was simply a manufactorer flaw. I mean- I love the bag- its a really pretty color and the leather is really nice, but the strap should NOT be just coming undone! I have two other Aaneta bags that I adore- no flaws whatsoever- I am really dissapointed with the craftmanship of this one! The only thing I can think of to do is take it to a really great leather repair shop close to where I live- I am hoping they can just re-staple the leather- if not then I just threw 75 dollars plus shipping out the window!:sad::cursing: To make matters worse- this is the second time I have had to deal with a manufactorer flaw- I had a stud pop off of my Kooba the day I got it! Have you ever had to deal with manufactorer flaws before? Also, do you think I would be wasting my time if I try contacting
  2. WOW! What a pain in the you-know-what! I suggest you take it to a local leather repair place. I took a Marc Jacobs bag to a leather repair center here in Atlanta and they matched the stitching perfectly and I can't even tell where they fixed it. The best part: it was only $15 to fix! If you really love the bag and it only cost you $75, then please take it to your local leather repair place and let them work on it. It won't cost you much and then you will be able to enjoy it again. I know it sounds like a pain to do that, but sometimes we need to keep in perspective that we got an AMAZING deal on eBay, and along with that, there may be problems.
    Good luck to you, and go get it fixed!
  3. I'm so sorry that that happened to you, how annoying! I'd try a shoe repair (or better yet, specialist in handbag repair) place first, and if they can't do it or you don't trust them, I'd contact the manufacturer. Doesn't matter that you got it on eBay, they should stand behind their products.
  4. yeah...i totally agree with you guys. Luckily, there is a pretty good leather repair place that I have gone to before. they are also pretty reasonable as far as price goes. I also sent an email tonight- I am figuring that since I got the bag on ebay they will probably tell me "im sorry, but we cant help you" but it is worth a try:s
  5. I am the owner of Princess Bella Mia and I can assure you we purchase all our handbags directly from the designer. If the original owner did purchase this bag from us, then it is an Aaneta original. These are beautiful handbags that retail for around $300-$400, so it's definately worth fixing.
    Your easiest solution is to take it in to a reputable leather repair shop. Your other option is to try to contact Aaneta for repairs. If you send PBM an email we can see what we can do to help. I actually had a Tylie Malibu strap break one morning as I walked to work. I was lucky enough to get a return authorization for a repair from Tylie. Good Luck!