Errrr!!!!!!!!!I'm so frustrated!

  1. DH told me I could now order my Madeline what's the first thing I do? No....not wait until Monday when the order will actually count, but I wanted to order it NOW. So I tried, and it IS NOT GOING THROUGH right now. I've never had this problem! It prompted me to call the 1888....Coach # and order it or something, but I don't really want to call JAX and order unless I absolutely have to because a lot of you guys have had problems w/ them recently!! Err!!!! What's wrong w/ Has this ever happened to anyone? I know it's not my credit card...we barely use it....WTH?? I'm so upset!
  2. Hmmmm I wonder whats up with the site... maybe try refreshing it and adding the item to your shopping bag again? Otherwise call and they can just do a phone order for you... i know how that can be sometimes.. it is frustrating!:hysteric:
  3. makes me a little nervous to do that though caz recently a lot of members have been being sent the wrong bags etc through phone orders...IDK...guess that's my only option.
  4. well do you have a coach store near you?
  5. No....:sad: I just ordered it over the phone.....cross your fingers for me that I get the right!
  6. yes. This happened the day that prices dropped.
  7. could be because I'm crazy and trying to order it at 1:30am....silly them for not wanting to take my order in the middle of the night!:lol: I'm pretty Oh well, at least I know it's not just me....thanks so much for the info!!!!
  8. My past couple coach orders have been over the phone and I have not had any problems so you should be fine! CONGRATS!!! and post lots of pics when you get her! ;)
  9. LA I cant wait to see this bag on you!!!!!!! I was thinking of ordering this myself!!!! I LOVE the Madeline!!!!! CONGRATS and I'll be waiting for those beautiful pics!!!!
  10. Oooh, this is such a pretty bag. I know it's going to lookd great on you.
  11. The website has been acting funny lately. What problems have people had with JAX? I called on Friday and they were nice when I asked if they had an ipod nano 3rd generation case yet. They didnt but I call once a week to see.
  12. I was so frustrated I tried 3 different credit cards (just in case the address I was typing was not EXACTLY as it was on the bill or that my card had another fraud alert), but it STILL would not go through.
  13. Dont worry LA! Sunshine ordered mine via phone too since were in separate states. It arrived safe and sound. And let me add......YOUR HUBBY IS AWSOME, AND IM SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! Im loving mine more and more every day if thats even possible!!!!
  14. I'm sure it'll be fine, sweety!!! And :yahoo: on your bag. Can't wait to see lots and lots of pics!
  15. :nuts:Morinig Voodoo!!