Error with Saks EGC Event?

  1. Mods - not sure where to post this so please move as necessary.

    I purchased a Chanel bubble quilt bag yesterday in dark beige, I figured that I would take advantage of the Saks EGC event and get one last bag before my ban. I will be sure to post photos tonight.

    Anyway, I was expecting to receive a gift card for $150 since my total spend was within $1,000 - $1,999 and the Saks email and post card that I received stated $150 for this spending range. Well I was checking my card today, and it is only for $125. I called Saks customer service and they told me that the gift cards for that spending range are only for $125...which I am fine with considering it's free money regardless. But I just couldn't understand why all the promotional materials stated $150 - the email that I received on Thursday, and the postcard that came in the mail last week all stated $150.

    I am curious if this happened to anyone else?
  2. I would call the store where you purchased and ask for customer service, they can defenitly help you, good luck.
  3. I would print out the email and take it and the postcard into the store and ask for the EGC as represented in the materials. If you are in front of them at customer service it might be easier to get them to give you what they advertised versus being on the phone.
    Worth a try...sure it isn't much money - but it is free money and worth the effort.
  4. Actually, my postcard states that it's $125 for $1000-1999.99.

    They snuck in the giftcard reduction this time...
  5. Thanks for the advice ladies. I will be sure to go there in isn't worth the hassle for $25 but if they don't give me a hard time then why not.
    I am so suprised that some of you are seeing $125. I just checked my email again, and it clearly states $150. I do not have the card in front of me, but I will check when I get hom.
    Can anyone else comment on what their email and/or postcard states.
  6. My card reads $125 for $1,000-$1,999 spending also (I'm looking at it right now).

  7. All they can say is no and if you don't ask you already have that and $25.00 less what they if by asking a few questions you get a yes and an extra $25.00 on something they sent you stating as me that is worth it.

    Esp when you apply your gift card toward a great bag or shoes - it would certainly be nice to hand over $25.00 less of your own money....:yahoo:

    Go get them - good luck!:tup:
  8. it should be 150, thats what was advertised online last night.
  9. I think the confusion is due to Saks' own discrepancy in advertising the award level -- I received a paper card in the mail advertising the event and that one stated $125 GC for spending $1000-$1999.99, BUT the e-mail I got from advertising the event mentioned $150 GC.
  10. i also received an email from Saks saying that it should be $150. may be u should print the email and check with them.
  11. I will probably be at saks tomorrow so I will post an update then. I printed out the email that I received from yesterday and I will bring that with me. I am sure that I am not the only one that this happened to.

    As promised here are the photos of my new additions.
  12. I just got the full 450 today..But I beleive it said 150 on teh SAKS website??
  13. Very nice bags!! Congrats! :smile:
  14. [​IMG]

    This is the email that I received... I would copy it, go back to Saks, and see if they will honor it...worth a try...
  15. Hi. This was what the Saks SA (Damian, don't you just love this guy!) said in his email to me confirming my charge-send:

    "Everything worked out perfect yesterday! I put the gift card in the bag. The gift card is for $125. Usually I thought they did $150,but, this time it was $125. Thanks again. D"

    Guess it was $125, but my email says $150 as well.:yes: