Error @NM ON dvf wrap dress

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  1. i just ordered a DVF wrap dress for 244.00 I WANTED TO SHOW MY FRIEND AND ITS BACK UP TO 325.00 on line
    I have confirmation that I WAS CHARGED 244.00(FREE SHIPPIng), question can they recharge me for the original amount?
  2. That's weird. I don't think they can charge you anything other than what's stated on you're order confirmation/receipt. This happened to me before with, and it didn't affect the price that I paid. I'm sure it will work out fine!
  3. I'm sure NM's will honor the price they charged you. I wouldn't worry about it. Congratulations on a great buy!
  4. that happened to me once on they honored the sale price and i was charged accordingly. the SA (i did the saks live chat on their website) told me that sometimes they only put certain sizes on sale and then they would change it back to normal price....have no idea why but thats wut they told i woulnt worry about it..congrats!! :smile:
  5. They have to honor it since you even have the confirmation. It shouldn't be your problem they can't get their system right.
  6. they'll honor the price but i've definitely had NM cancel items on me before due to out of stock.
  7. Good news, a spoke to SA and she told me my dress is in the process of shipping. I asked for the total of my dress to just clarify-and she said 244.00! They still have several in my size at the regular price on line, so hopefully I won't be canceled!
    I have got to stop-3 DVF DRESSES (JUST DISCOVERED HER THINGS) in a week, but all at great sale prices!!!!!!!!
  8. I agree witha previous poster that some times the price reduction is in order to liquate certain sizes