Erroneous LV Thank You Notes

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  1. Of all the thank you notes I've gotten in the mail from Lv, all of them have had small errors of some sort:

    1. Written by the SA I worked with: "thank you for shopping at Louis Vuitton Whaler's Village and for purchasing the traditional monogram purse." I actually bought a groom cles :p

    2. Written by sales manager: "Dear Ms. Valley," :wtf: You would think that they could at least get my gender right.

    3. And this one, which I received almost 2 months after my purchase, from the leather goods specialist: "Thanks you so much for visiting LV Caesars". It was a phone order :roflmfao:

    I'm sure this wouldn't happen if my usual SA actually wrote them herself- but she's the store manager and usually delegates such things (like sending me the Tour Eiffel flip book for my birthday :nuts: ) It really doesn't bother me but I do find them humorous- does this only happen to me?
  2. HAHA! its funny though, you have to admit lol! never happend to me! I'll laugh it off if it does lol
  3. I don't even get thank you notes :crybaby:
  4. hasn't happened to me yet.. but then again, i have yet to receive thank you notes! :sad:
  5. Funny, but a bit unprofessional of them too.
    Oh well, at least you got a note I suppose, even if parts of it are wrong.:rolleyes:
  6. lol! ms. valley.
    thats not very professional.
  7. ^^well, it was my last name (not actually Valley of course) but STILL! lol
  8. Lol..never had anything like that. I'm sure one is coming though.
    But I DID have another piece of mail that wasn't LV related addressed to "Mr. Rebecca _______"
    Funny, because I've never known Rebecca to be a male name. :lol:

    And some of my dad's mail is addressed to Oobert (instead of Robert) and a couple things to my mom are addressed to Nany (instead of Nancy).
  9. I have never gotten a thank you note from the boutique!
    Anne bag sent me a great one with an eBay LV buy tho!
  10. in my thank you notes + christmas card, my SA always called my husband by another name even though she's met him in person so many times. my husband when reading the notes is like "who's paul?" (his name is kevin btw). she's great though and love her.
  11. Very funny-
  12. That is pretty funny. Hasn't happened to me yet...
  13. Haven't ever had a thank you note :sad:
  14. That sounds like they wrote your notes in a hurry. Hasn't happened to me yet and I hope it doesn't.
  15. That's kinda funny....