attempting to take pics of myself..

  1. Sorry, no spy salutes here, but it was fun trying to take these:nuts:

    :heart:denim squirrel

    **Sorry about the watermarks, I saw that people from other websites (not to mention people on eBay) are using pics from tpf, that is so wrong! I think we all need to be more careful:wondering
    spy 013wtrmk.JPG spy 014 wtrmk.JPG spy 015 wtrmk.JPG spy 017 wtrmk.JPG spy 018wtrmk.JPG
  2. a few more
    spy 019wtrkmk.JPG spy 011 wtrmk.JPG spy 022 hmm.JPG
  3. awwww, i love them all!!! and i totally forgot to watermark my pics b4 i posted them!!! dammit!!! i would hate to think someone is going to get screwed and its all my fault!
  4. I am so jealous! I love them all! ALL!!!! Nice pictures!
  5. So pretty!

    Selena, I love your avatar!
  6. congrats! ;)
  7. Really great bags but now where are you ?...I just saw an pressure ;). I really appreciate you sharing all your lovely new additions!
  8. Lol yeah I know, I had to stretch out my arm as far as I could for those! I'll take some facing a mirror soon, unless everyone gets bored of seeing pics of spybags:nuts:
  9. You must be kidding never get bored to see those beautys!:drool: