Erotokritos Handbag Help

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    Does anyone have this bag? I really think that I like this, but want to know if anyone has it..I am comparing it to the Cole Haan patent..I am not sure what to do!! Also does anyone know if it is possible to get this on sale??
  2. I bought it from Blondette recently and can't return it due to it being a final sale item. To be honest with is not me at al! I am only 5'2" and this bag is large. I love the style but because it's patent and not soft leather, it's not collapsible. I took it out of the box...stood in front of the mirror and immediately returned it to the box knowing that I will never carry it. Yesterday, I tried to take a few pics thinking that I will eventually sell it on eBay for a bit more than what I paid so as not to loose anything on it. I think that I must have bought the last one from Blondette(one of my favorite online stores) at a price of $255. I'll be honest with you...if you're short like me, the bag will overpower you. Were I just a few inches taller, I could pull it off.
  3. I have the smaller version in blue patent and it's already pretty big, so I'd imagine the big basquet would be HUGE. Like bagachondriac said, the patent is pretty stiff and not really collapsible, so it's a little awkward to carry over the shoulder. I don't know if the big one has a longer strap drop, but because of the shape I can't really carry on the shoulder without my arm sticking straight out like I'm holding a bowling ball under there. It's also a little on the heavy side (surprising, since there's almost NO hardware on it).

    It's really a stunning bag, though. If you decide to go for it be prepared to get stares and have women following you around just to look at it!
  4. I love how big the bag it...but I am not really a patent leather kind of girl.

    I think it looks fantastic though, I would def. be one of the women who would stare, it looks like a really fab. bag!!

    Good luck and post pics if you decide to get it!
  5. Thanks for the responses! I am still debating this one or the new cole haan large patent bag. I am 5'6" so maybe this one would not be so big for me..let me know if you are really thinking about selling yours!