Erotokritos bags?

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  1. I am a big, fat liar, because I claim to be on the ban-wagon, yet I just ordered this bag that I had be stalking and coveting for months:


    It's the Erotokritos Basquet in blue patent. My question is: Is anyone here familiar with Erotokritos bags? I did a forum search, but there were only two threads that mention the brand, and in one of them I was the one who posted about this bag! :rolleyes: The only other place I've seen them is on Shopbop. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on their quality, design, reputation, etc.
  2. So, did U get this at Blondette?
    I've been lusting over this bag as well.....and have no info to give you, just my lust!
  3. I can't see what's so ero-tic about this bag?? :confused1: At the name I thought it was a new tokidoki "edgy" style.

    Congatulations on your new bag though! :nuts:

  4. Yup, only $270 at Blondette ($230 with the $50 off code + s/h)! They still have the red patent and the big basquet in black patent on sale, too, which are both still full price at Shopbop. I guess this designer is more well known for his clothes...I can't find any info on his bags!
  5. mockinglee -
    please be sure to give us a full report and pics upon arrival....would LUV your opinion!
  6. Can I just say I have NEVER liked a patent bag before, but I LOVE that blue one... how strange for me! It's just different enough and for some reason the patent works and I don't even like patent! Go figure! Now I'm lusting over this bag!

    Do you find the drop too short? Or are you still waiting to receive it?
  7. Just ordered yesterday, so still waiting. Will post pics and impressions, of course, when I get it! I don't usually like large patent bags either, but the combo of the shiny patent and that blue color just did it. I was drooling over it when I saw it on Shopbop for full price and when I saw it on sale at Blondette, I couldn't stop myself.

    The website said the strap drop is 6", so it might be too short for over the shoulder, but we'll see.
  8. Of COURSE they only have the red and black left... sigh... Red it tooooooo red for me and I love red, and the black is too shiny... Dying to hear what you have to say.

    I'm just thinking how many toddler things I can pack in that puppy! LOL
  9. I love the blue! It's gorgeous.
  10. Beautiful congrats! I love the color.
  11. I just ordered this bag from blondette in red. Too bad I missed the blue patent it looks absolutely gorgeous!! If anyone sees anymore blue patents out there I'd love to know where to get one.

    mockinglee Did you use the fall50 for get the $50 off? I tried it, but it didn't work for me. I can't wait to pics when you get it your bag!!! I'm sooo jealous!!
  12. ^Yup, I did. I ordered the day after it expired, but it was still good. There should be a package waiting for me when I get home. SO EXCITED!!!

    I did a search all over the web for the bag, to do some research, but Blondette and Shopbop seem to be the only places to carry that brand.
  13. Yeah I was only able to find the bags on shopbop and blondette too. Now I'm obsessed with them. I actually wouldn't mind getting the bigger one too in the leather. If you ever find where I can get a blue patent one please let me know.

    Looking forward to seeing your pics and hearing your review of the bag. :heart:
  14. Yay, it's here, it's here, it's here! This is one GORGEOUS bag! It's darker than it looks in the pictures, like a dark teal, almost navy. It also has grayish undertones. The leather smells great and is a lot more pliable than I expected patent to be. It's a little bigger than I expected: it really does resemble a basket...when it's fully expanded it's very boxy and roomy. The diagonal zipper is really weird; there's a triangular flap that snaps to a smaller flap on top and lifts open for better access into the bag. I'll have to see if that gets annoying after a while. The good thing is when it's carried by the handles the top kinda squishes together so there's no need to keep it zipped and buttoned. The handles fit comfortably over the shoulder when empty, but when it's full I'd imagine it would be like carrying a bowling ball under my arm. I love the knots on the sides--other than the zip pocket on the outside and top zip, there is no hardware on this bag and I love the clean look it has.

    I'm really impressed that though it was the last bag on sale at Blondette, it came without a single scratch on it!
    DSC01980.jpg DSC01982.jpg DSC01985.jpg DSC01996.jpg
  15. Gorgeous!
    Luv the color and thanks for the know, I didn't "hit" on the fact that there isn't any visible "hardware" on the bag - a tribute to excellent design, yes? and thanks for pointing this out. The lining looks so CUTE.
    Enjoy your beauty....