erm...a silly question about magenta tassels!

  1. So, now that Bal is making magenta again, will they make spare magenta tassels to sell too?
    I have been asking for magenta tassels at Bal Paris and they only seem to have spares from the last two seasons only... :tdown:
  2. it would make sense if they would, but we all know how much sense balenciaga makes sometimes ;) anyway, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  3. Thank you! I hope I can find some! I wish Bal would evenly distribute the tassels to all the boutiques. I need tassels for my older bags!
  4. Danae- I had that same question. I will call Bal NY within the next few days and see if I can get an answer.

    If I'm able to purchase a few extra magenta tassels, I will send some to you.

  5. That's fantastic! If you remember, please tell them to start sending tassels to Bal Paris! Thanks! :biggrin:
  6. Will do D!!! Since the forum is going to be closed this weekend, I will post as soon as its back up and running!

  7. it's unbelievable that they don't have extra tassles at Bal Paris! it just doesn't make any sense at all...
  8. It's unbelievable - I agree with you all :sad: ! I hope that BalNY will have some for you danae - fingers crossed :yes::heart:
  9. Thanks everyone, you're so kind! It's not just magenta tassels, Bal has a really inconsistent policy about everything!
    Flowers for everyone! :flowers:
  10. Any updates? Has anyone contacted BalNY recently to find out what colors they have?
  11. Hi D- I did speak with someone at BalNY. He said that they currently do not have any magenta tassels in stock. He said they normally get extra tassels a season or two after the bag comes out. So, if they were to get extra mageneta tassels, it wouldn't be until Feb or March of next year!!! :wtf:

    He said they are expecting a shipment of tassels next month but he said he didn't know what they would be receiving.

    I didn't get the chance to ask any other questions. Sorry!!

  12. Thanks so much for the update Judie! :flowers: I will ask again at Bal when I go and if I find out anything about magenta I'll let you know!