erinmiyu's collection

  1. hi all! i've been lurking for some time, but decided to come on out and post.

    i don't have a huge collection, but here are some of them! sorry for tags in some of the pics! i get so excited about taking pictures when i get them, but am lazy otherwise.

    rebecca minkoff elisha in black, and morning after bag in royal basketweave:

    mayle beatrice

    mayle jeanne in iris. my xmas gift from dh..

    rebecca minkoff getaway tote in wine. my most recent purchase! i haven't used it yet, but it's so lovely. color is a bit darker irl. (and not shiny/glazed!)

    chloe tracy bowler in argent. this was a whim purchase! i was in Saks on my birthday last year and there it was, 75% off! it was fate!
  2. Fab collection !! You have such amazing striking colours, I especially love the rebecca minkoff getaway tote !! :tup:
  3. Love the Chloe and RM Getaway!
  4. Great collection!!!
  5. Love the Chloe!
  6. wow, love the purple bag! great collection!
  7. Great collection, thanks for sharing!:smile:
  8. Thank you for joining in and posting! :flowers: I adore your color choices! My favorite has to be your "rebecca minkoff elisha in black," it's gorgeous! :nuts:
  9. Beautiful collection you have there...
  10. LOVE the Chloe! :nuts: Thanks for sharing!