**erinmiyu's collection thread**

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  1. for my thousandth post, i wanted to make a collection thread :smile:

    when i first came to tPF, i had one lonely loubie. (black patent iowa 70mm, from ebay) with the help (read: enabling) of you lovely ladies my collection has grown quite a bit. the iowas are long gone, hopefully making some other fashionista happy, but here are what remains, in order of appearance.

    simple 85mm in nude kid (NAP). my size was the last in stock, so i took a chance.

    new simple in blue leopard lurex, a find from the deals & steals thread from shoe-in!

    next up, i pre-ordered the studded VPs from saks, but while waiting, these were posted in the d&s thread from a craigslist posting... ruh roh.

    ivory patent mad mary with gold studs


    i was kind of crazy about these, and ordered them in my size, then a backup size because i was worried the sizing wouldn't work. i lucked out and got them before saks upped the price.
    studded VPs

    these are extra special to me because i took them with me to DC to get signed by msr. louboutin.


    the actual shoes i had set aside to purchase at the signing. i accidentally ended up spilling the beans to rdgldy's daughter and told her "shoe twins!" which despite her being a sweetheart about it, i still feel a twinge guilty.

    gold glitter numero prive 120
  2. i ordered these from barneys sale, figuring it would be a "guilt-free" shopping (since we all know how barneys is) until i got a shipping confirmation. i couldn't decide whether to keep them because i wasn't sure if i could be a good shoe mom or not to an exotic skin (my first!)... but i took them with me on a trip where a friend of mine insisted i had to keep them.

    aqua python rolandos

    i couldn't decide if these were tacky, but they were cheap and i've kind of had a long-term love affair with questionable items, so in my closet they came!

    kiss me wedge ( ebay find)

    another ( ebay) posting from the d&s thread, maybe my favorite of the bunch because i can wear them with so much.

    double strapper

    after seeing sara999's gwenissimas, i really wanted to find a pair. still no black in store for me, but these grey flannel pair are pretty cool!

    gwenissima, grey flannel and patent

    i have wanted these ever since seeing them in jetsetgo!s collection thread. i temporarily "forgot" i already owned a pair of blue leopard shoes, but these are totally different. (yeahrite)

    blue/black patent leopard pigallle 120 (ebay find)

    um, i really didn't need to buy anymore but if i was going to h*ll anyhow.... these popped up on nm.com and i snapped em up.

    oxblood glitter VP 120
  3. oh these came earlier, too, they were a whim purchase really inexpensive on ebay.

    l-guitone fleur in red satin

    y'alls remember i bought these in a 36.5 and i was ecstatic, but then a 37.5 showed up and i ended up going with those instead. i feel kind of greedy having this holy grail to myself but i love them.

    eugenie magenta velvet/strass 140

    and these just came in the mail! they need some TLC but i wanted to take a quick pic anyhow. inspired by rdgldy's collection....

    carapa in beige leather

    in a group shot (minus the last pair, too lazy to reshoot)

    boxes (including the non-loub ones i designated for new homes)

    that's all folks :smile: thanks for letting me share! there may be a new addition on my trip to new york next month, but after that i think i'm done for awhile!
  4. Beautiful collection! I also owned the blue python Rolandos, but I did not keep them. Congrats on all your beauties.
  5. Lovely collection...thank you so much for sharing with us! :flowers:
  6. Love your collection!! I love the color of the Aqua Rolando's! They are keepers for sure!!

    Congrats on the 1000th post!!
  7. Erin :flowers: you have a fantastic collection! I really love the l-guitone fleur and the carapas ! Thank you so much for sharing!
  8. Erin, I love your collection. So glad to have a carappa twin (the colors are really lovely). The eugenies are amazing, the l-guitones delicate and pretty, the kiss me wedges are adorable, and finally, do not feel guilty about the glitters!!!! It all worked out wonderfully and we had a really fabulous time with you and everyone else on that special day.
  9. I love how many really rare and unique styles you have! The Eugenies are SO gorgeous. Thanks for a great collection thread! :flowers:
  10. jimmy - thank you! many more posts (and debits from my bank acct) to come, to be sure :smile:
    cts - thank you!
    tigertrixie - aww, they are beautiful shoes but rolandos are definitely not for everyone! (my feet hate me for them sometimes, but so pretty!
    jan - thank you :smile: i love those two as well!
    rdgldy - you are seriously the sweetest, thank you :smile: i continue to look to your awesome collection for inspiration!
    elfgirl - thanks! for some reason i never end up buying basics! i still need a pair of plain black pumps...
  11. WOW, great collection! Some very unique older styles in there.
  12. YAY erin! i've been waiting for this one! i love your style and you rock all these pairs. once you come to london you can wear my gwens for a day :P :hugs:
  13. :yahoo: I'm so glad you did a collection thread! Your VPs, Pigalles, Eugenies.....:drool: I feel so priviledged to have seen some of your babies in person! :hugs:
  14. thanks lilmissb! i really love a lot of the older styles. it makes me wish i had started collecting sooner and could find some HTF pairs. (looking at you, anemone! plz get re-released!)

    sara! :hugs: thank you, my shoe-size twin and the reason i started posting on tPF more frequently! if i ever get over my fear of flying, i would be honored to try on your gwens :smile:
  15. erin FANTASTIC SHOES!!!! i love the variety in styles and colors. and they all look fab on you! thank you for sharing!