Erin Featherston's Target GO Line

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  1. I know this isn't scheduled to be in stores until 11/18, but I was just wondering if anyone's seen it pop up yet? It seems that everytime I wait until the release date of the new GO Line, and when I get to Target, I find out that it's been on the floor for a week already (same thing happened w/Vera Wang for Kohl's so I was never able to get a pair of her jeans!).

    Although I think this line is geared more towards younger girls, there are a few pieces I'm hoping to get (the wool coats, chiffon dress w/velvet trim and peter pan collar jersey knit dresses).

    For those of you who haven't seen it yet, you can preview it here:
  2. i think the wool coat looks amazing... i definitely want to snag one of those.

    the tiered dresses i'd have to see/ try in person first... often times the sizing can be tricky.
  3. I'm REALLY excited for this one, just like I was with Alice Temperley! I can't wait to see these items, I want a lot of them lol. I like:
    *the heart thermal
    *heart purse
    *purple tiered dress
    *Short-Sleeve Dotted Swiss Tie-Front Tunic
    *gray cardigan w/heart buttons
    *heart scarf
  4. Are you wearing the Temperley grey knit dress in your avitar? If so, I have the same dress! I love that dress and wanted to get it in black, but by the time I found the grey one in the store and tried it on, all the black ones online were gone and I couldn't find them in any store!
  5. I'm also looking forward to this release...I like the tiered chiffon dress, the long coat, a few headbands, etc...
  6. Oooh love these. Would love to get the bow jacket in black, short sleeve dotted tunic, black twill pants and the red headband!
  7. Yes! Lol. I also have it in black, it's so comfortable, I'm so glad I was able to find them!
    I actually went the first day they came out and snapped up the pieces I wanted.
  8. I want that heart handbag. So cute!
  9. By the way, those necklaces are trademark Erin Featherson. She loves plain stone necklaces on cords.
  10. i'm not as crazy for this release as i have been for previous go collections. the collection is adorable, but it's too girly for my tastes. however, i really like the wool coat. i'll definitely be ordering that come november 18th.
  11. i am really liking this collection!! i can't wait until it hits stores!!
  12. It is!
  13. my local store already has the line out...


    the red dress is 100% silk. overall 2 thumbs up from me for the collection.
  14. the coat is you like it?:tup:
  15. Wow, lucky you, fashionispoison! I LOVE that tiered dress, I need to try it on though.