Erika Perdue, Dallas socialite, arrested on child pornography charges

  1. (CBS) - Authorities in Texas say wealthy Dallas socialite Erika Perdue has been arrested on child pornography charges, after agents who raided her mansion in April found graphic photos and videos on her computer.

    According to WFAA, the images showed children as young as toddlers have intercourse with adults.

    KDFW reports that undercover agents tracked down the 41-year-old Perdue in January after they were able to go to an illegal child pornography website and downloaded hundreds of graphic pictures and videos from Perdue. WFAA reports that Perdue went by the username "Classyb****."

    Court documents reveal Perdue allegedly told the FBI she had been distributing child porn since 1999, WFAA reports.

    "She also confessed that she used file-sharing child pornography every day," agents reportedly wrote in court documents.

    Perdue is charged with four counts of shipping, receiving and possessing child pornography, KDFW reports.

    one more link to pictures of erika perdue:
  2. I wonder if she got off on this material, or was distributing it for cash. Either way, to the slammer with her!

  3. Disgusting!
  4. It's always especially surprising for me to read about a female being involved with child pornography. It's rare, and most pedos are men. But I guess sexual deviance and true evil knows no boundaries.
  5. Ugh disgusting woman. The things I want to say.. But will refrain.
  6. Um...ew. I've never had a case with a female child pornagrapher. And thanksfully, she is not in my district, so I won't have to :smile:
  7. apparently the woman has been in a rehab type of place since her arrest in april.
  8. Yup.

    So that's what being a wealthy white women gets a pedophile these days? Nasty and wrong. Imagine where she'd be if she were a man from the bowels of some large city instead of its wealthy neighborhood. Just wrong.
  9. I grew up in this wealthy neighborhood, and I can assure you the people who live there think their **** don't stink.Most Park Cities people think they are better than anyone else; if you are poor or blue collar, they won't even talk to you. They will probably try to suppress all this bad publicity of Erika Perdue, because talk of sex offenders will lower the property values in their area.
  10. My goodness. When you think of child pornography you just do not associate women with it.

    It truly shows that you can't automatically assume that only MEN do this and are dangers to our kids. There are enough sick WOMEN out there in the world, too.