ERGOS at the outlets!

  1. I posted this in the outlet thread, but had to share ASAP!

    I just got home from visiting my sister in the next state (can't give location away!) and stopped at the outlet that I usually do not visit because its an hour further than the one I usually go to.
    There were ERGOS there!:wtf:

    The large turquoise ergo tote, small turquoise ergo hobo and the scarf print ergo tote! LOTS of them!

    I put a large turquoise Ergo on hold! After the 20% discount, it is $251! From the original price of $428!
    I am going back to get it on Friday!:heart:

    They were flying off the shelves! There are probably none left, but wanted to give you all a heads up because I remember the SA's on this forum saying that the Ergos would be in the outlet soon!

    I didn't think THIS soon!

    They also had scribble and signature agendas and lots of initials for $9.95!
  2. oooh I feel an outlet trip coming up for me soon!
  3. LOL so much for being on a ban! I am totally calling my SA about these ergos!

    DO you think they will be there next week for the 4th sale? OR is that way too much to hope for?

    Thanks for the info!
  4. UGH <throws hands in air> - that's the LAST bag I buy full price. I was sure the turq ergo wouldn't go to the outlets and bought one from, stupid move apparently.

    But congrats on getting one of course!
  5. Thank you vanojr9! That's why I prefer the outlets over the store!

    I do not know if they will be there for the 4th sale.

    When I was there today, the place was MOBBED and it seems every girl had one on her arm to purchase!

    There were 2 large turquoise totes left (this was around noon time today) and I looked over both before picking the one with the least amount of markings/blemishes.
  6. i noticed an increase in the ergos listed on eBay the past few days and figured they had hit outlets already.

    WHICH SUX, cuz I don't live nowhere near an outlet.. :rant:
  7. omg... I am already feeling flush! I may be coming down with something, I should probably cancel the plans I had for tomorrow, I'd hate to spread my germs around and anyone else to catch this bug.

    (The Coach bug that is! Outlet Here I Come!!)
  8. I hope they have some when I get to go at the begining of the month, and I can't wait to hopefully snag a charm or two. Wow I can't believe they are their already though.
  9. Are we talking about Ergo Hobos or Ergo Totes? Cause if hobo, I'm calling tomorrow. :biggrin: I was planning on probably getting it next weekend with PCE.
  10. Wow....wish there was an outlet close to me.....
  11. Indigo,

    Ergo Totes. I didn't see any hobos!
  12. Aww. :sad:
  13. *head.desk*

    Ergos? At the outlets? My new car wants to drive to the outlet, but knows that I can't buy anything...
  14. OOPS, Indigo, CORRECTION!

    As stated in my first post, there was ONE turquoise SMALL ERGO HOBO!

    The rest were totes!

    But who knows?

    The hobos will probably make it there too!

    I prefer the tote anyways...I've puchased Ergo Hobos and returned them because they didn't fit right on me!