Ergo with pink trim ?!?!

  1. [​IMG]

    OMG :yahoo:When is this coming out ? Anyone know ?!?!?! I am in love !!!:love: I found it on a, I guess they introduced in China already . . .
    How do you all like it ?

    *Okay after I re-read the website, it said it was part of last springs collection . . . but I NEVER saw it . . . CONFUSED !!!
  2. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want it!!!!!:yahoo::tup:
  3. It's too cute.. :smile:
  4. Ohh I like. Pink & Coach = too cute!
  5. Hey, that's really nice. I've never seen that in the stores or online here. Anyone knows the style number?
  6. PINK!!!!!! Love pink Coach too much!!!
  7. OMG that MUST be MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder when we can get it????
  8. It is so pretty. Me likey!
  9. I think the ergo collection in general came out last spring..... if i'm wrong someone correct me. But the Pink/khaki ergos I believe are coming out on the new floorset after christmas. Thats what my SA said.
  10. I wonder if they have this in ergo hobo.
  11. that is cute, the japanese website has these up:
  12. it is coming in the hobo too.... as well as White/Khaki
  13. does anyone have a style number for the pink trim ergo hobo?? must have pink bag, now :girlsigh:

    if they come out after christmas, mabye they can be ordered now?
  14. i wish they had all leather hot pink ergo hobos.

    that would be gorgeous
  15. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Im dyin' for something like this to come out!!:hysteric: