Ergo : What's the difference?

  1. I got a present and that is the ergo hobo. 10765. There is a P behind the numbers. What does that mean? I compare it with the one online and it's the same. Against the one in the store, the threads are different.

    My question : Is the one I got authentic?
  2. Can you take a picture of it please?
  3. The P could stand for Pilot, as in Pilot bag. Certain department stores, (Macy's, Dillards) are test stores and received the Ergo bags months in advance to see if they would sell. I had one of the first signature monogram tote bags that came from a test dillards and the numbers also end in a P.
  4. P means its a pilot bag, pilot bags come out before the origional bag will be released and only piolt bags are sold in certain coach stores not all, so basically it's a sneek peek of whats to come

    my ergo is a pilot bag, and I believe kallison has a pilot ergo bag as well.
  5. Here is an old picture that I took of the creed. I no longer have this bag so unfortunetly I can't take a better picture. I am sure that the bag that you have is authentic.
    Picture 220.jpg Picture 223.jpg
  6. Yes, P = Pilot. It means it was out in some stores early so it could test the reaction and likes/dislikes to bags.
  7. Beautiful color!!! :nuts: