Ergo wallet or Legacy wallet?

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  1. Hi, I just got my first invite for the PCE. Yeah:yahoo:. Now comes the hard part, what to get? I'm in Toronto and the local Coach stores do not have the bags I want, so I'm thinking of getting some accessories. Which wallet is roomier and more durable, the ergo wallet or the legacy wallet?

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  2. leagacy wallet all the way love the legacy line!!
  3. oh and comgrats on your first invite
  4. I have both and honestely I like the ergo best. Its more roomy and not stiff like the legacy.
  5. But the legacy has the kiss lock change nice!!!
  6. Do you keep your change in your main wallet or in a separate compartment? The Ergo will be easier to stuff with things, so take into consideration how much you carry in your wallet.
  7. I prefer the Legacy Wallet. The Ergo Wallet seems more functional and easy-to-use, but the Legacy one is absolutely gorgeous.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. I'd go with the Legacy. It's gorgeous!!
  9. Good suggestion! I just got back from Coach. The ergo wallet seems like it can hold a ton of stuff and still keep its slim lines. Hmm..another thing to add to PCE wish list :graucho:
  10. I like the legacy wallet for the kiss lock closure. I like the leather on it too.
  11. It's a serious beauty vs. function decision. I sized down from multifunction soho to Legacy framed french. It's not debilitating! I just put some x-tra cards in my planner and I really like the kiss-lock function of the coin, the leather, the stripes, the turnlock!
  12. Congrats on your invite and I vote for legacy!
  13. Thanks for all the help, keep it coming. I definately carry a lot of items and the current wallet i carry is pretty big and has a kiss lock closure for change. The legacy
    leather frightens me in re: to getting scratched too much when it's inside my bag.
  14. the ergo is on my list, but I haven't gotten a card yet!!!:crybaby:
  15. Tough choice (and one that I am contemplating). I love them both. I love the kiss lock on the legacy and how it has a flap closure instead of just a strap, but the ergo is cheaper and comes in the fabulous turquoise.