Ergo totes

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  1. Do people like these ? Is it hard accessorizing them with scarves or charms. Are they really that comfortable. Can they fit a lot. Do they stand up on their own. So many questions ! What would be better for me to hold a lot of stuff, one of these or a mandy or gigi or large Carly.Sorry I keep asking the same questions but I thought of this one and though I would add it to the mix. I am still trying to find a tote to transition from a diaper bag. Thanks
  2. I have large ergo totes and I think it would be a wonderful transition bag. The strap length is generous, you can fit sooo much in it if you want, it stands up by itself and is so light.

    I have always been the hugest ali fan but am not a large ergo tote advocate! :yes:

    Ive worn mine in the rain, snow and heat. No water spots that don't dry up and they are so light it doesn't even feel like you are carrying a large leather bag in the summer.

    I hope that helps and am glad you posted this thread. I meant to suggest it in your other and forgot.
  3. Thank you !
  4. I love my ergo totes! I use a large sig tote for daytime use, it can withstand all elements and come out looking like new. It is a great diaper bag as well, very light like a previous post stated.

    Not hard to accesorize at all. I have a butterfly key ring on mine, and i just added a flower charm. I was a little concerned that two charms may not look so great but it looks very cute IMO!
  5. Ergo totes are just DYING to have a ponytail scarf attached! They are very functional and easy to wear - kind of plain, which is why a scarf/charm combo works just great on these bags. The leather is really great too - all weather leather as far as I am concerned.
  6. I'm not a huge enough fan to own one of these yet (or rather keep one), but the reason is because they have not come out with a pebble leather version I like. I also don't like the way the large ones look at the bottom when on the shoulder. I hated my large Vachetta tote and sold it. They have a tendency to slouch ugly IMO, especially with few contents in the bag. But the smaller ones work a bit better. I'm not a huge patent fan, but I like the pond tote.

    I might get one when a color comes out that I like. They are very convenient to get in, but I prefer something like the Gigi for that purpose much more than the ergo tote...the outside turnlock pockets are really nice and convenient. I do have an ergo hobo, and I like it ok if I can position it properly on my shoulder...just that it can also look ugly because it tends to buckle in the middle, etc. It seems to work better on the shoulder than the small tote version when you are wearing a jacket.

  7. Oh yeah, I also agree that these look great with a scarf!!
  8. I have a black signature ergo tote and I love it! They definetly stand up on there own and a ponytail scarf looks fab on them! It is really light weight and really easy to carry and get in and out of.
  9. I have the teal leather ergo tote and I love it. It is very comfortable on my shoulder but I have to admit that I have never accessorized my bags. I used to own the brown signature ergo tote but I did not like it as much so I sold it.
  10. I have the smaller Ergo tote in turquoise and love it. I hope to add another one to the collection soon (pebbled perhaps?) They are very comfy to carry and hold quite a bit. I don't usually like bags with two straps, but this is one of the few I do like. Also the leather versions have the Legacy lining. They stand up great and look awesome with a scarf.
  11. I have the ergo signature belted tote and I love it. I just got it at the outlet and can't wait to wear it. If it would only stop raining for the first use at least.
  12. I have a medium ergo tote in camel, so it pretty much goes with everything- in this i fit my cell,ipod, big wristlet with make up, a case that has tweezers and a mirror, a big checkbook wallet, sunnies, and case- the size of a coach cresent case, but sadly not coach :sad: also keys, and hmm a small little flashlight, also some girl stuff,
    the medium holds a ton, and i love love love love that it sits up, it doesn't fall over, i can put it on the passenger seat or on the floor in my car, and it doesn't fall, i don't have to prop it up!
    i honestly think that the ergo tote is tops for one of the best i have, if not the best.
    the only thing is that it gets scraped up easily, but a little moisturizer buffs the baby ones out!

    seriously, i think the ergo is one you won't regret!
  13. Thank you ! I put one on hold and may pick it up tomorrow. I have a legacy ponytail scarf and a heart luggage charm. Do you think these will look cute on the Camel. Does anyone else have these 3 items, have you tried them together, thanks again !
  14. I don't own any coach totes yet but when I do, I'm going to get a gigi.