Ergo totes at outlets? Anyone seen recently?

  1. I'm in the market for an ergo tote...I think a large leather...white or camel (light brown/tan/whatever) perferably.

    anyone seen these? (or even the smaller totes?) or is eBay my only hope?

  2. The outlet near me in waterloo ny had MANY large totes last time I was there! Camel, but no white. So I think you should be able to find one fairly easily. I bought one in black in the large size and I love it!
  3. Oh they did have the smaller size, too.
  4. excellent, thanks so much! I think a trip to either Clinton, CT or Lee, Ma is in order!

    Thanks again!

    oh - anyone know a ballpark price for these? (large or small)
  5. I picked up the camel tote at my outlet this past weekend and only gave 174.99 for it!!
    That was in Edinburgh, IN.

    Good Luck to you! I LOVE mine!
  6. oooh...and that would fit nicely in my "i have $200 in coach gift cards shopping spree"...hehehe

    what size did you get? style number? any pictures? I dunno why I'm lusting after this bag all of a sudden.

  7. ^^i know it's cute

    anywho, i've seen camel and black leather ergo's hobos and totes but the white one was there last summer i wanna say. good luck on your ergo quest...
  8. ^^ just as good that I dont' get and white leather? eep! heheh I'd be more than pleased with camel!

  9. On Tuesday I saw camel small, reg & black large ergos. I asked the SA if they got other colors and said no, just the camel & blacks and their blacks sold out fast for the smaller two sizes.

    Then I was rushed out. :sad: Hmph!
  10. I just got back from Lee and I am sorry to say that I only saw the ergo totes in black. They had a ton of camel before Christmas. They had the leather hobos in turquoise, black, dark brown, and maybe one small camel. I did not see any white. It looked like they were unpacking some signature ergos. They had a bunch of ergo wallets.

    mineral and black chelsea python satchels:drool:, black vintage chelsea satchels, one slim carly in khaki/natural sig., clay legacy shoulder bags, 1 2006 legacy small flap bag in whisky (sorry I forgot the real name), holiday patchwork swingpacks and pouches, lots of denim sig. stripe, gold sig. stripe hobos, carly demis, lots of the embossed leather bags, one tattersall wallet (which I wanted, but it was still expensive), bleecker small flaps, hobos, wristlets, mini skinnys, and wallets, and lots of patent wristlets and mini skinnys. They had a lot of black and denim bags overall.

  11. wow! thanks for the AWESOME rundown on the Lee stock! :tup:

    I think I'll hit Clinton this weekend...see what they my mom wants to go to Lee NEXT weekend.
  12. It's funny b/c I wasn't even looking for an Ergo, but now that I have one, I LOVE them! It is so light (and I am known to carry everything but the kitchen sink with me).I believe mine is the medium...the style no is 10743. I had to include a pic of the lining, it is gorgeous!

    Here are some pics...sorry if they make you lust even more :sad: If you have no luck at the outlets, I have seen quite a few on eBay. One sold yesterday for 154.99! But another one sold for $220 something I believe. I saw one large camel tote with a broken turnlock that you could probably score for pretty bids thus far ;)

    (I hope it's okay for me to talk about that on here.....)

    Good luck in your quest!
    Kodak Pictures 1014.jpg Kodak Pictures 1012.jpg
  13. i'm really debating between the size you posted, and the larger one, 10744...dunno if i need that much bag...or if the smaller one would just look silly on me.

    think i need to see in person before i hit ebay!
  14. Candace was looking for one in turquoise. I got bored one day and called about 15 outlets looking for one for her. The were several outlets in CA that had some camel and black.

    I would just call a bunch with the item number and they can do a computer search for you.

    Good luck!
  15. Deweydrop: You'd be surprised at how much the medium tote can hold! I can carry a full-sized wallet, makeup bag, wristlet, paperback book, keys, work keys, sunglasses, and a few other things and it is still light and comfortable.

    I dont' have a modeling pic, but I'm about 5'2" and it fits nicely under my arm, and the bottom of the bag hits just at my waist.

    I know how quick the ergo love can grow. I have a few already, but now I'm on the hunt for a medium black leather one. I can't get to an outlet until at best next week (I'm in SoCal and things go FAST here), so I'm hoping I can score one on ebay....just a few more hours until auction ends (fingers crossed!).