Ergo Tote - Is there hope?

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  1. I have a gorgeous Ergo hobo tote in tan glove leather. However, the greasy brass hangtag chain tarnished and left hideous black spots all over the handle, the hangtag itself, and part of the exterior pocket. In fact, I couldn't figure out what happened, and neither could two different leather repair shops, until my BF looked at it and instantly recognized that the spots matched the spacing on the chain.

    I tried to clean it with a tiny bit of leather cleaner but no luck. I know I am not supposed to try to clean this bag. The leather spa near me said it would cost $145 to attempt to clean it, and they will not guarantee that it will come out.

    Will Coach be able to repair this? Or will they consider this normal wear and tear? Should I send it in? I'm torn between loving this bag so much that I want to keep it anyway, and being disgruntled that the brass tarnished and damaged the bag. But the spots are so hideous I'm not sure I can carry it with the right side facing out.

    PS - The bag was stored as all my other bags are, and I do not live in a humid location. All of my other Coach and other leather bags are fine.

    Hope this link works:
  2. Oh, no - how awful.

    Sorry, I'm no help on this at all. How did the hang-tag get all the way down the front of the pocket? How did you store her?

    Personally I would keep it, they do pop up on the bay, but you never really know what your getting until it arrives. I would just look at is a a well loved handbag.
  3. UGH!!! I didn't expect to see the spots so dark and pronounced!!


    This is gonna be a tough one! I think other women have tried things such as baby wipes, alcohol on a q-tip and maybe hairspray (but I think that was for ink.)

    Personally what I would do is Google and research any tips & tricks for cleaning the spots. You could try different things is you're willing to maybe dye the bag is the experimenting goes aray!!! You could always dye the bag and I think the Ergo would be one of the easier bags to dye. Maybe change it to a nice mahogany or whiskey???

    Wait for other to weigh in. I don't know what Coach would do. I'd think the BEST you could hope for would be a 40% OFF coupon to use at the FP boutiques if you send the bag in.

    I'll check into some leather dyes and bring you some links!!!
  4. How did the hang-tag get all the way down the front of the pocket?

    I have the same question. Could it be smth else that stained it?
    I am so sorry, I have no idea what might help...

    Take it back to the store and see what they say.

  5. Thanks! Can't hurt to try this.

    I did ask my shoe guy about dyeing it - he said he could make it black without a problem, for $65, but I am afraid he might stain the pretty inside while dyeing it.

    The hangtag must have been resting off the top of the handle, which was slouched forward on the front pocket while in the storage bag. The handle is all stained too, from the hangtag.
  6. There is s certain type of dye that the gal's on TpF use and I'm pretty sure it's BRUSHED on!!! This is why I believe that the ergo would be one of the easiest bags to dye!!!

    I'll try and find it!
  7. The natural vachetta leather ergo bags grab the tiniest bit of oil. They grabbed the oil/color from the chain that holds the hangtags. I put mine in the interior pocket.
  8. I am going home tonight and doing this exact thing!

    thanks OP - sorry this has happened to your bag :sad: good luck with resolving your problem
  9. Sorry to see what happened with your Ergo's hangtag! I hope you can find a way to lessen the spots' appearance.

    When I posted about my new Ergo hobo this summer, noshoepolish advised me about the hangtag thing (thanks noshoepolish!) My hangtag is still on my hobo for now although I think I should probably remove it in due time, but my hangtag is attached to the zipper pull, not the shoulder strap. These photos show the hangtag setup (NMA):

    Vachetta "tans" in direct sunlight and I think my hangtag's chain was draped across the bag's top when she was in the sun, because she had some faint tan lines that lined up perfectly with the hangtag's ball chain. I now try to tuck the hangtag inside of the zipper when I store my Ergo. I'm so enamored of seeing that tag there, which is why I haven't removed it altogether...yet.