Ergo (?) Tote in latest Elle

  1. I got my Elle yesterday and took this quick pic with my camera phone. They described it as a canvas tote (by Coach), but it looks like an Ergo to me.

  2. Doesn't it look like the Eva that was shown in another magazine? (it escapes me now of course!) It's a big bag in canvas but the one in the other magazine had hot pink trim. But when I saw it I thought of the Ergo. It's pricey though, nearly $500 for canvas. OUCH!
  3. that one isn't the eva

    but i believe it is an ergo tote..i have that magazine too!
  4. ^^ I really NEED a catalog! I've gotten all the Ergos and Evas all mixed up in my poor little brain! LOL!!
  5. the eva is a version of the ergo but it has its own name. that's what i'm thinking b/c the ergo totes don't come in two toned but the catalog shows it (it's the two pages where there's a mass of bags thrown together on the left hand corner for those who've seen the catalog)

    but the eva can be considered the ergo tote, it's just bigger and i think canvas (since all the bags on that 2 page spread were canvas or ostrich leather)

    we'll know when it comes out and when you get your catalog!