ergo tote help?

  1. okay, i have a chocolate ergo tote which i think is medium size, 11285. so i can use that to compare.

    what is the size of the large tote? does anyone have photos of it, esp. in the tan color?

    also, the white one that is on the japan site, 11615, does anyone know what size that is?

    has anyone seen the turquoise one anywhere? apparently i missed a large one at my outlet by a day. : (

  2. does the turquoise one even come in medium size? i think the large is too big now that i've found some modeling pics of it.
  3. also what is the difference between 10743 and 11285?
  4. I had a large camel Ergo tote that I exchanged for a large Carly. It was a gorgeous bag but it just felt too big on me. Here's a link to the thread where I posted about it

    And here are the pictures I originally posted of it, before I took it back:




    Some modelling pictures (I'm 5'5" and 130lbs):
    (ignore the bunny faces - that was done for my son's benefit. He's a huge "Max and Ruby" fan!)

    Incidentally, a few months after this, I ended up getting a turquoise Ergo tote in the smaller size (what you refer to as medium) and LOVE it. It's a much better size for me as an everyday bag. The large was great because it held a lot but it just didn't seem to suit my body or something. Looking at these pictures again makes me kind of regret returning it, though...hahaha.

    Oh - just noticed your other questions. The turquoise Ergo I mentioned is #10743. I think that it's just the older version of 11285 that you asked about. They look exactly the same to me, size-wise, but 10743 was the style that came out early last year while 11285 was more recent (fall 2007 maybe? Can't remember). The style that I posted about above (the large camel tote) was the style that came out at the same time as 10743, in early 2007. Hope this helps!
  5. i returned my large ergo as well. too big for me.. i prefer the med.
  6. Aha - I just looked a little further and it looks like 11285 is just slightly different than 10743.

    Here's a pic of 11285 - 11285_d1.jpg

    And here's a pic of 10743 - 10743_d1.jpg

    11285 seems to be a little narrower and with longer handles than 10743. Hopefully someone who has 11285 will jump in and can say whether they're basically the same size.

    Edited to add:

    Here's a picture of me with my turquoise tote in the medium size (10743) to give you an idea of how much smaller it is than the large camel one that I posted the pictures of above:

    turquoise ergo in Victoria.JPG
  7. Yep the turquoise came in a medium tote and a small hobo as well...I have the tote (like the pic above) and my friend at work has the small hobo.
  8. I have the large ergo in black. It is truely a huge bag to carry for a handbag. It would be great for a work tote or a travel bag...but for a hand bag I wish I had gotten the medium size instead...
  9. The large ergo tote in pond will be out the beginning of Feb. The item # is: 11623, price is $348. I plan on getting the hobo:graucho:
  10. Ergo Pebbled Leather Tote #11615 from Japan site is medium:

  11. Before I ordered my Chocolate Tote #11285 I asked CS about the difference to
    #10743. They told me that #10743 is just the older style of #11285 and #10743
    has Legacy stripe lining and #11285 dark fabric lining. I received #11285 with
    Legacy stripe lining.... So I was confused.., but as far as the size is concerned
    I think they are really same, medium.
  12. Is #11623 not Ergo Patent Leather hobo in medium size ?
  13. Its the large size
  14. thanks for all the help...i am going ergo crazy this week. : )
  15. Actually the #11623 Patent Ergo Hobo in Pond is the Medium size 14 3/4 x 10 x 4 1/4 priced at $348.
    A CS rep I spoke with tonight said that they deleted the Patent Hobo in Large in Pond, it will not be produced.:crybaby:
    The Patent Ergo Tote in Pond is #11012 and is $398 11 x 9 1/2 x 4 1/2
    Also no larger size in Pond