Ergo tote colors...

  1. I adore my black Ergo tote and would love another one for spring summer, does anyone know if there will be any other colors coming out, other than what's on right now? Thanks!!
  2. From what I understand, there are going to be all sorts of ergos coming out in May/June. The pleated ergos hobos, the pleated bags with the framed kisslock closure (whatever those are called!), not sure what else. I believe some of these bags will be in patent and regular leather as well, in a variety of colors - I think pink, navy and white in patent and tan in regular leather. Something like that anyway!
  3. Thank you!
  4. The patent leather pleated Ergo tote (one with kiss lock closure) will be available in pink, per my Coach SA. There are also rumors that the patent leather Ergo hobo might be available in a turquoise color as well but SA was unable to confirm that.
  5. Thanks!!
  6. omg did you say Ergos with Kisslock?!?!?! i might have a heart attack right here!
  7. Yes, the tote will have a kiss lock closure. The store manager at my local Coach store showed me a photo of the bag and it had a detailed shot of the kiss lock closure. I can't wait to see this bag in the pink patent leather!