Ergo Tote: Camel or Black?

  1. Need help deciding.....I love both colors. Does Camel dirty easily? I have 2 girls (ages 1 and 3) so I can't own a bag that will get dirty just by touching it:nogood:
  2. Oh, this is a hard decision. I dont own one so I cant say anything for how fast it would get dirty but I love the camel color. The black is cute too but I would get the camel (even with a 3 year old boy, I know I am crazy).
  3. I vote for camel.
  4. I vote's classic, can be dressed up or dressed down, won't show dirt & can be used year-round whereas (IMO) the camel is more for warmer-weather months because it's a lighter shade of brown/tan.
  5. I vote for black :tup:
  6. Black! (both? :whistle:)
  7. Black, because it can be dressed up or down. Camel is harder to dress up imo.
  8. Camel! I have 2 camel bags and have had no trouble keeping them clean (well the older one definitely, the other one I have only been carrying for 2 days)
  9. I vote camel! I just like it better.
  10. black.
  11. Ooh, this is a tough one! Turqoise? Haha just kidding... black! :yes: It is more versatile and I like the color better overall.
  12. I would go with black. It is a very versatile color. I own the turquoise in this one.
  13. I never thought I'd say this, but I adore my Lg Ergo tote in Camel. Sometimes a big black bag is a bit much during the summer, but camel is an all-season color.

    Excellent bag, though!
  14. I just purchased this awesome bag in Black Siggy! :smile:
    And loving it. I already have a bag in camel and love that color and no it doesnt dirty easy.