Ergo - Small Tote or Hobo????

  1. I tried them on at macy's and the small tote fits great over shoulder. Which should I get??? I like the idea of the single strap on the hobo, but like the "neatness" I would get of organization inside with the tote. I plan on ordering today in the turquoise, but which one???:confused1:
  2. MBL: I was wondering the same thing! I want turquoise for sure but didn't know if I wanted the tote or the hobo. I looked at my collection and decided on the tote. I have 2 hobos, 1 shoulder bag and 1 demi but only 1 tote (the suede beaded tote). Since the suede is seasonal, I'm going with the tote rather than the hobo.

    Maybe that would help you decide? Take a look at what you have already to determine which style you need more. Hope that helps!
  3. I like the hobo because I tend to like bags with one strap a bit more, but it would depend on how it fit on my shoulder.

  4. I got this in turquoise at the outlets... you guys like?
  5. ^^ ooh, love it!

    I am opting for the tote ... I have a thing for totes though :shame:

  6. ooh! how much did this lovely bag cost?

  7. Less than a month ago we went and they were i think $179.99 with 20% and it would come out to $143... but this time i called before hand and i had them hold it for me (it was in the clearance) so it came out to $120!! I was really happy... the inside is the tan signature lining... so nice!
  8. I ordered the Hobo. You can't go wrong with either one. :smile:

    Aniron, that bag is CUTE!