Ergo Small Hobo Sadness

  1. So.

    I went to the Coach boutique with the chocolate small Ergo Hobo in my sights....I am banned from buying until next month but I couldn't stand it... I had to go check her out.

    And I'm so so so so sad...because she's gorgeous and yummy... and we didn't get along at all. I walked around the shop with her on and the strap argued with me the whole time. I was very disappointed.

    My Carly Demi and Sig Stripe Demi tuck right under my arm and stay put but that lil Ergo was all over the place.

  2. Oh, I am sorry!!! :crybaby:I guess this way you will save money!! :idea: The small ergo hobo goes right under my armpit and looks weird on me, so I know what you are saying.. I am sure if you really want something else then there will be another one coming along that will catch your eye. :tup:
  3. Sorry about the ergo experience. I definitely believe in trying on a bag before buying it b/c straps are such as issue. The same thing happens to me with the large Carly!
  4. I feel your pain....the small ergos need a slightly longer strap to wear over the shoulder. I find that a problem with A LOT of Coach bags. :sad: A lot of bags rub right under your armpits and forget about wearing a coat! very annoying.... :wtf:
  5. Oh, it's so disappointing when you have your heart set on something and it just isn't meant to be. On the bright side, you still have your money and can take your time and find something else you love:yes:
  6. If I lived somewhere that actually got cold in the winter I'd REALLY be sad because I know my demi's wouldn't 'fit' right w/ a coat.... but fortunately Texas isn't known for super cold weather. :nogood:

  7. Yes yes yes!! It means I have to go back and pat bags again!!! haha
  8. that sucks! sorry ur bummed. thanks for the info. was thinking of picking this one up on next treck to USA. guess it really wouldnt go over my puffy parka!
  9. I don't live in a cold climate either! LOL.. But when I do go back to the midwest to visit family/friends, I run into this problem with some of my bags. :tdown:
  10. I'm sorry, Voodoo! I have the same problem w/ some of these bags...and living in NY, I HAVE TO be able to wear my bags w/ heavy winter coats for a few months of the year. I was sad about the ergo as well, but I KNOW you will find something else to make your heart happy again!!! Keep us posted!!!!
  11. Whoa......wait, wait!! I had the same problem when I was carrying mine out for a trial run. I bought it anyway and when I got home and filled it with my goodies it stays perfectly put. Should give it a try!