Ergo Signature Tote.....

  1. Hello.....
    I am looking for the Ergo Signature Tote, is this coming out in April? If so, does anyone know the price, colors and sizes? I saw the hobo bags like this on the Coach website but I would prefer the tote. Any help is greatly appreciated!:p
  2. Here the some of the Ergos - I suspect the Signature pieces will be around the same prices. They are all in the new catalog, too:

    Coach - Search Results
  3. my sig ergo tote was $328 (albeit the pilot bag) it seems leather and sig are about the same price (subject to change, of course).
  4. The Ergo Sig Tote/10766 is available now... you can order it through Coach CS. It comes in black sig, khaki/mahogany sig and khaki/camel sig.

    Both of mine are pilot versions (bought the khaki/mahogany sig in Dec and the black sig in Feb). The only thing that has changed is the color of the stitching on the black sig. There is more white stitching than cream colored stitching on the new black sig.