Ergo Signature Tote-- any info?

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  1. I went into Dillard's yesterday to check out their Coach items... I ended up buying this bag. I've never seen it before and Coach didn't have it at my local boutique. The saleslady said they had gotten them in about two weeks ago. There were also all leather bags with the turnlock on the front and the legacy stripe lining. I noticed there was a P following the style number on the creed. The wallets also had a P following the style number... I read somewhere before that the P stands for PILOT. I called Coach CS last night and the person who answered told me she didn't know what it meant.. it could possibly indicate the color of the item... that doesn't sound right. I called my boutique and the SA that answered couldn't explain it to me... I asked to speak to a manager and she said that Coach does come out with pilot bags but thats all she knew... Guess you all know more than anybody!!

    Does anyone have any info on this bag?!

    Oh, the tag says 10766P ERG (Ergo, right?) SIG (Signature, right?) Tote.


  2. wow, i like that bag !

    you asked some good questions !

    what is a pilot bag ? why isn't that bag on

    thanks in advance,

    Cha Cha
  3. I purchased a chocolate optics swing bag in MACY*S,and went to a botique to see it again,and the SA told me dept stores sometimes dont carry the same thing.
  4. p is for a pilot bag- you were right.

    and i LOVE that one you got!
  5. Jadore is right - sometimes the department stores carry different styles or styles before they are released in the boutiques.

    The P stands for pilot - my Carly bag has one after the serial number on the creed.
  6. so if the bag hasn't been released in the coach store then maybe the website will have them soon?

    cha cha
  7. Did you buy your Carly in a department store or boutique? I've purchased one bag from Dillard's before and it doesn't have that P on the creed. When I called my local Coach boutique, the manager said she has never heard of department stores carrying pilot bags...

    Oh well... I think its pretty cute and I HAD to have it!

    Thanks everyone!;)
  8. i remember when the carly bags came out, sprinkles was all excited because her store was going to carry the pilot bags...but then they ended up at a department store (not sure which one)...and i seem to recall everyone being confused about that.

  9. I bought mine in a boutique in Philadelphia. The SA there didn't even know the name of the bag . . . but Sprinkles knew :yes: .

    I believe Coach releases certain "department store only" bags (for example, I know Nordstrom's carried a fur trimmed signature duffle last year that was not available in boutiques). Those bags don't have Ps in the creed.
  10. I don't have any info on the bag, but it is really cute!
  11. Yes, and I know for sure that Nordstrom's and Macy's both had LARGE Soho Signature flaps, while the boutique only had the smaller versions.

    I think my Legacy Mini Skinny is also a dept store edition as well.
  12. I did know! Only because my store is a lucky pilot store!!:yahoo:
  13. Do the new lines come out in department stores the same day as the boutique? Like the spring line comes out the 26th, right? (And it will be on the website too) But would Macy's have the new bags etc. from the spring line put out on the 26th too? I'm wanting to go shopping the day after Christmas and was kind of hoping to see some new bags at Macy's which is the closest place for me to purchase Coach. I know these are questions you've heard 100 times but I'm new to Coach and trying to figure it out! Thanks!
  14. So, can you tell me when these came out? Is it true what they told me at Dillard's... they've been out for about two to three weeks? No one at my local Coach boutique could tell me... When will they be available in Coach boutiques?

  15. so_femme: Forgot to tell you congrats on your bag! It looks great!