Ergo Scarf print

  1. This bag is so cute, but it looks like it could get so dirty! Any thoughts on cleaning? (Or how to keep it clean?)

  2. It is beautiful, no idea on how to keep it clean though.
    Hopefully someone who has this ergo or another scarf print bag will comment.
  3. It's actually pretty easy to keep clean. I usually damp a cloth and put some detergent on it and it seems to work really well.
  4. karenmae1983, can you post pics of you modeling it cause i want to know how big it is,the dimensions make it seem like it's huge!
  5. i have it and it's going back...i think it would be super hard to keep clean while i'm at school (dirty floors and all).

    and it's really not that big at ALL (well, i'm a little bigger than most of you, so maybe that's it).
  6. Im not sure how to keep it clean but I really like this bag.
  7. before you buy it, make sure you try it on. (i wouldn't suggest ordering the hobo online) fits kinda...odd.
  8. I agree.. I don't like the fit either. I like the Ergo Scarf Print Tote better but I don't trust myself with that fabric! :cursing:
  9. thanks for the tip :smile: even though i don't have the bag. I think some SA at the store told me to use ivory soap w/warm water and a cloth. But to keep it clean you've got to look into your own habits aside from following advice on how to clean it
  10. I have the pink and brown scarf print tote if that makes any difference, but once i get home I'll take a picture and post it.
  11. I think it's so cute - but don't live near a Coach store to try it on. My birthday is next week - hmmm... i really like it! Anyone have modeling pics??
  12. Wish I could help!! Hope someone does...
  13. I'd like to see pics too. :smile:

    I love the colors! I am so tempted to buy the ergo silk scarf.
  14. The Fabric is treated to resist stains. When i went to the store on Sunday I felt the bag and it definitely felt a little more heavy duty than some of their past scarf print fabrics. It's definitely not a bag that should be carried 24/7, but i think it would hold up okay. It really isn't that large. It's cute though, although I prefer the large size Ergo Hobo. On the Coach website there's a function to "try on" the bag. It gives a little bit of an idea, although even there the bags look a tad bigger than they do in real life.