Ergo Scarf Print Bag

  1. I just placed an order for this one. I loved it in the catalog! I love the coloring. It's just a cute bag. I think it will go with a lot of my spring wardrobe which will include a lot of white.

    Anyone else like this bag? Thinking of purchasing? I will let you know how I like it once it arrives!

    Also, I'm new here. Just checking out the site. Looks great!
  2. it's gorgeous. i tried it on when i ordered my ergo tote and i can't wait to get one...i have to wait a while because i was supposed to be on a bag ban! it's bigger than the scarf print hobo i have (pink) which makes me happy, and the wristlet is so adorable!!
  3. Newgrlonthebloc, that bag is gorgeous! Congrats!

    Don't forget to post pics when it arrives! :yes:
  4. Thanks for your input ladies. I always worry about buying a bag before viewing it in person. The one thing that I hate is not being able to truly gauge the size of the bag. I know that you really can't go wrong with a Coach because they are all so beautifully made and distinct in their look. Still, I won't be 100% sure until I see

    I ordered a bag from Coach a few years back and ended up giving it to my little niece because it was 'that' I felt strange carrying it. Of course, my little niece who was only 11 then was THRILLED!

    I know this one is a little larger. I think I will love it. It just looks so pretty. I just hope it looks the same in person. I hope it gets here early next week. When it does I will post pictures for sure!