Ergo satchel color questions!

What color Ergo satchel?

  • Rose w/tattersall lining

  • Geranium w/o tattersall lining

  • Magenta w/o tattersall lining

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Get Yer Ya Ya's Out!
Nov 8, 2008
I've wanted to break out of my neutral colored palatte lately, and after seeing LA's pink patent Ergo satchel, I think that's the bag I want to get. But now the question is what color? I called my outlet, and if they'd have had the orange or pink patent, I'd have snatched it up immediately. But no such luck. They had rose, magenta, and geranium. To me, the rose is kind of light...should I be afraid of color transfer? The magenta is pretty, but does it come with the tattersall lining? I forgot to ask and the ones on Ebay didn't. Any problems with that color? And Geranium...well it sounded really pretty, but I haven't seen it. Can't even find anything to compare it to. Does anyone have a picture or own the geranium Ergo? I know this one does NOT have the tattersall. I hate to buy a bag just for the lining (though with the tattersall or legacy stripe it's hard not to!).
Jul 4, 2008
I don't have this bag but I saw it at our local outlet and the color is so pretty. I picked up the ergo satchel in mahogany leather but have not use it yet. If I buy another ergo satchel I want it in patent leather. Our outlet has a lot of this bag in black color but I'm looking for the pink one. Please let us know what you decide.


Dec 28, 2007
Sunny Arizona
I have the rose ergo hobo and haven't had any problems with color transfer. I'm love pink and think the rose is such a pretty, soft, femine color.

OK Bag Lady

New Papillon Mommy
Sep 12, 2008
The rose satchel is gorgeous. It's meant to be hand carried, so you shouldn't have a problem with color transfer. It would look good year round - pink always looks fabulous with gray, black, and chocolate brown.