ergo red patent hobo or tote??

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  1. ladies, I cant decide and its holding up my PCE preorder. I really want a red leather patent bag. i think it will go with alot. the hobo is a little big for my 5'2 frame...but its smooshy so it shouldnt matter much. i really like the tote but not sure if you could dress it up as much as the hobo!

    HELP!!! what would you choose?
  2. HOBO!!! I just got it today and LOOOVE it. but you sound like you may like the tote better, get what you love the best.
  3. what is the style number for ergo red patent tote? i cannot find it and asked the store and they have no idea...:confused1:
  4. 11016 but there are no pics anywhere of it
  5. ooops double post
  6. i think the issue is that i like the hobo better, i just wish it was a little smaller....and i havent seen any pics of the patent tote. maybe i should search for some pics of body shots with the tote....

    i just saw your red hobo!! i love it, but it really may be too big for me!
  7. I don't think anyone on here has the tote yet, but several people have the hobo