Ergo Problem after only one week of use???

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  1. Hey,

    My handbags are neat lined up on my shelf above my clothing, and as I was looking up, I noticed that my Black Patent Ergo Hobo is madly scratched on the site, and she's only ONE week old!!!!! I don't know what to do!
    On Monday it's gonna be 2 weeks that I have her, but I used her only for one week, and now i see a hughe white scratch on her... Should I be sending her in for repair, or would coach factory give me some credit, I know she has been used- but that is ridiculous!!! This is a $500 bag, which i happend to have received from the outlet cheaper, but still, it still is a $500 bag after all!!! KWIM? It shouldnt damage like that within 1 week should it? What should I do now?

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    I would take it to the outlet and show it to them. Is it possible that the sealant was damaged?
  3. i m not sure what it is... the bad thing is that the outlet is 2 hrs away from me and i don't want to drive all the way up just to hear "sorry, but we cant do anything", so i was wondering first if anybody knows what the options are- before going there...
  4. Is it a scuff mark? My mom used to make me wear black patent shoes to church when I was a little girl and I always remember getting white scuff marks on them that never seemed to come off. That's one of the reasons that I'm always so hesitant to wear any patent.
  5. I think I'd call the outlet and let them know about it. See what they say. You can mention you're 2 hours away and won't be able to get there right away. Hopefully, they'd be understanding. How disappointing though. :sad:

    ChristyLou is right about the patent scuffing. I wore patent shoes when I was young and had the same thing happen. You might have just brushed against a wall or something. Hope things work out!
  6. It looks like it touched a wall of wet paint. Try using sensitive baby wipes! I hope that helps.
  7. It looks scuffed.
    Sorry, but patent may scuff, regardless of the price.
    I don't think it's a defect in the bag per se.
    I wouldn't drive back 2h to the outlet for this.

    Have you tried rubbing it out?
    Even LIGHTLY scratching the white part off?
    It appears to be atop of the black, not the black worn off and white is underneath...

    Good luck.
  8. I agree with 90046, I don't think it's a defect. It looks like a scuff to me as well.
  9. I agree with the above posters it looks like a scuff mark or maybe even paint I have the Coach large ergo patent hobo in blue and I was looking at mine and a scratch or defect wouldnt look white but a scuff or paint would.
  10. I have the Hamptons patchwork in black and it has patent patches on it, up close to the top; it's gotten scratched (from me, from the hanging charms, who knows). I used my fingernail VERY LIGHTLY to see if it was permanent damage and to my surprise, the white "scratches" flaked right off (they were SUPER small though, looks like that one is way bigger). I have no idea how mine got scratched or what it even was (if it was a scratch at all) and while I wouldn't suggested scratching it up MORE, you might want to try the "fingernail test" or the baby wipe suggestion.
  11. I agree. This doesn't look like an issue on Coach's end, so I wouldn't drive to the outlet. Patent, like any material, may be more prone to certain kinds of wear, but if it didn't look like that when you left the store, I would not consider that a workmanship/quality defect.
  12. Did the suggestions help?
  13. When I was little I always remeber my mom using rubbing alcohol to get the scuff marks out of my patent shoes. I wonder if that will work just try it in a small spot and see.
  14. I'd say it was probably mineral oil, not alcohol (the containers look similar). Rubbing alcohol could easily pit the patent finish and take away the shine. I use mineral oil on my patent leather shoes to this day, it works great.
  15. Yup, I agree with the others on this one. Looks like a scuff marks maybe???
    I wouldnt drive 2 hours though.
    Good Luck!!