Ergo pleated satchel in tan or navy patent?

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  1. Does anyone have any pictures of these two bags IRL?
    Is it a comfortable bag or is the drop length on the shorter side? Does the snap lock
    bother you? I was considering ordering one of these bags.
  2. I tried on my SA's, and found the drop to be on the shorter side. That being said, I'm a little on the heavy side and I carry a lot of weight in my upper arms. If you have skinny arms, you'll be ok!
  3. ive said it and i will say it again.
    the pink patent is TDF!
  4. I got one in navy patent... waiting for it to arrive... it will arrive at the latest on Wednesday... if not earlier... I'll post pics as soon as I get back from picking it up!! :yes:
  5. Thanks CoachGirl!
    I saw the pink patent and the burnt orange. I really like those and that
    is what put the idea of buying this bag in another color in my head!
  6. Besides the pink Patent the Navy is the only other one I ever considered! My pink Patent is on its way and I can't wait for someone else to post pics of the Navy.
  7. I just want to make sure before I order it that the patent navy and tan bags are not too shiny....
  8. UK2ME...I live in Maine as well! You didn't perhaps try on Emma's ergo pleated satchel at the store in the Mall did you? I know she was getting one and I told a couple of the other SA's that told me she was getting one that I was coming in to see it when she got it!!!
  9. Depends on your closet, but I vote tan. If you wear enough blue to pull it off, then the navy that CoachGirl12 posted is fab! But I really like neutral bags.
  10. the navy isn't a "stand out" shiny navy... its just a perfect touch of patent, IMO... supposely the tan patent isn't shiny at all, then you might want to get the natural leather instead... I'm torn, if I could get the natural leather, I would also get this one! I might have to sell another one of my bags... hmmmm :shame: