Ergo Pebbled Leather Large Tote

  1. i saw this bag i thought it was cute what does everyone think of it? ergos are pretty light arent they??
    and what about the pebbled leather is it easy to clean?? etc

  2. I saw the tote and it's cute but I'm in lust with the white hobo. I don't have any pebbled leather but I hear it's pretty easy to keep clean. And the Ergos are very light.
  3. do they stay on your shoulder pretty well??
  4. I had a regular ergo tote last year that I ended up returning because the straps wouldn't stay, but with the large I think it's more of a drop so it may do better....I have no problem with my hobo staying on my shoulder though.
  5. anyone have pics of what it looks like in real life??
  6. I have the new black pebbled leather tote in the regular size. I love it, it is very light and is easy to keep on my shoulder. Plus, the lining makes me happy! I will mention that I had the large tote in regular leather from last year and I found it to be a little bit large for me. Here are pics:
    Pebble 1.jpg Pebble 2.jpg Pebble 3.jpg