Ergo PCE Poll (the real one)


Were you able to get an Ergo during PCE?

  1. Yes! - SA said no problemo

  2. No - SA said no way jose

  3. I wanted one but did not ask

  4. Nah... Who wants an Ergo!

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  1. Were you able to get an ergo bag during pce?
  2. I was able to buy that new ergo keychain without a problem. The SA gave me the discount on that as well. I haven't bought an ergo bag though, so not sure if the keychain counts. :shrugs:
  3. I couldn't.
  4. I already had one so I didn't need to get one at the PCE... :graucho:
  5. :crybaby: Nope, I wanted the key chain and was told no.
  6. I want the hobo, but didn't think to ask while I was at the store today. I'm thinking about going back to get the Lyndsey slides so I'll ask then.
  7. i've called two stores and i got a no... =(
    im sad... this sucks!
  8. they let me do it in a roundabout way (the manager suggested it to me). told me to buy something that was the same price as the ergo i wanted, gave me the discount- and said to come back and exchange it when ergo was in stores. so, technically, it's a delayed discount, lol.

  9. wow thats a good idea!!!!!! i think i might have to do that if these stores won't let me.

    i'm just waiting response from a 3rd store i called - its quite a drive for me too, i live in van but the store is in seattle. cross my fingers!!!
  10. I was able to order the Ergo Turquoise Hobo as well as the Ergo Cross Body Bag in Camel at my regular Coach Boutique. I hope to receive them later this week. I will post pictures when I receive them. I also ordered the Ergo French Wallet in turquoise and the Ergo Wristlet in Turquoise without a problem.
  11. Good idea, but won't they just refund or apply the amount you paid for the item you are returning towards the full price of the ergo? does that make sense? :confused1:
  12. That's what I was thinking! I actually got my PCE coupon in the mail today. The last time I got one I used it to buy a gift for a friend, and had it charge-sent to her in another state. Somehow they got my name and hers mixed up, so they sent the PCE coupon to my old address, but under her name. It's weird. My mother had to forward it to me, so I'm excited! But all I really want right now is the Ergo large tote in Camel, and the comic keyfob. So if this roundabout discount thing will work I'll try it, but I guess I don't understand how it will work.
  13. that's what i thought.

    but, mind you, i had the MANAGER tell me to do this- and had his approval. i don't know if you can do this without permission. but this was HIS solution for getting around the non-ergo pce- since he knew i wanted one.

    i think the way it figured out was that it was, technically, an even exchange. i had to buy something for the EXACT price of the ergo i wanted.
  14. I CALLED my order in without even going to a store AND got my Ergo with the discount!:yahoo:
    No questions asked!
  15. ok the 3rd store just called me back - and its a no-go...
    this sucks!!