ergo patent

  1. I am in :heart: with the patent ergo!! The only thing is, the large is huge!!! Does anyone know if they plan to make the patent in the medium size?? I hope.. if so, one WILL be mine!!! :yahoo:
  2. I know, it is really big! I saw the white one today and it was beautiful but BIG!
  3. I love the size, but they do make the tote version in the patent remember

    item 11012
  4. thanks, I'll check that out.. I just loved the patent hobo,... hot!!
  5. I love the patent hobo so much I have it in white, red and black. It's big but it's light,slouchy, and flexible. I don't think it's an overwhelming bag at all. I get a lot of compliments on it, too!
  6. I love patent as well - I have the hobo in black and white and the tote in red.
  7. I got my patent hobo first and was actually shocked at how small the patent tote is... especially after an SA told me it was the large tote.

    I still think it's pure hotness and love it anyhow. It's just not the ginormous bag I was expecting. Which is good since I load up my bags. If I have less room, I have less stuff. Explain that.

    Here's a good photographic comparison of the 2, sizewise:

  8. beautiful bags!!! Thanks for sharing!! As far as size, I may just have to get my booty into a boutique to try it on!! I just didn't get why they wouldn't make it in a medium... oh well!! :confused1:
  9. ITA very lightweight and fits your body so nicely. My sister tried mine on and she's much smaller and it didn't overwhelm her at all!
  10. It is not an overwhelming bag though it is a large bag.
    The slouch is just amazing on this bag and it truly is an exceptional bag. Why don't you buy it and give it a try?
    You may find it works for you afterall. It fits everything that I need and more. I have the mahogany one and it is great!
  11. I feel the same way. I bought the red patent ergo, but I'm afraid to carry it because it's so big.
    if they made a medium I'd be on it in a heartbeat.
  12. Yeah, I guess it's not just the overwhelming factor, but also that I only carry a wallet and a couple little things, like gum and keys.. so not only are big bags not my personal "thing" on ME, but I lose my stuff.... but I will definately take a look at one in real life.. I know the large hobo in leather I thought was too big on me... I just want them to make a medium!!! :hysteric:lol