Ergo patent tote

  1. Does anyone know if these are in the outlet stores? I see they're off the website. Thanks.
  2. i dont think they were every on the website. the hobo's are, but not the totes. I used to have the item number....i will see if i can find it!
  3. I know the ergo patent hobo's were at the outlets.. the white ones, but dont know about the others
  4. That bag is still on the website, it's shown in mahogany or black. I want it!
  5. The Ergo Patent tote never even made it to the stores.
    Is it at the Outlet already? Anything is possible. Can one of the SA's Chime in.
  6. All I see on the website is the patent hobo, not the tote. Is the tote also there?
  7. My local boutique has it on display in red (I haven't asked about it - I'm afraid to - I could end up going home with it.)
  8. I never seen the tote. I was referring to the hobo online. I'm very there a patent tote?
  9. There is an Ergo Tote and here is the picture below.
    It is style 11012 and retails for $398. It also comes in black and mahogany. I don't know why this is not in the stores yet as it should be.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    IMG0002.jpg IMG0001_1.jpg
  10. I will look when I am there tonight.
  11. I've only seen non-patent Ergos and white patent Ergos at the outlet. I was there on Friday.
  12. I called 1800 Coach and they told me that they don't have the Ergo Patent Totes scheduled to go to the stores. I think that they are pretty much sold out from advanced orders placed to JAX.