Ergo patent leather hobo

  1. The nearest Coach store is 3 hours from me. Is there a prayer of getting this handbag in any color but brown anywhere????? I don't want to go the eBay route- too chicken!
    If anyone has seen or see's one, I would love to know where.
    Just in case, are there supposed to be any coming out for Spring 08? TIA!!!!!!
  2. I saw the large white at the outlet in waterloo ny!
  3. I got my black one from Nordie's.

    FYI most fakes on eBay are the signature print, and with leathers you are more likely to get the real deal but just find what you want and have one of us authenticate it!!!!
  4. I saw a black one at Macys a couple weeks ago, but they will probably be hard to track down now that F&F has come and gone...
  5. The SA at my boutique was commenting on a customer's patent ergo today and he said they sold out really fast. i dont know if he meant just out of that store in particular or out of the company as a whole. either way, sounds like they are hard to get