Ergo Patent Large Hobo - ONLY 200?!

  1. :confused1:
    I went into my local Coach Bouitque - Arden Fair Mall in Sac. and the SA that usually assists me ther said that there are only going to be 200 of the Ergo Black Patent hobos - I'm sure that this is just initially but I was still surprised by how low the number is and of course ordered one - let you know how I like it.

    On another note, does anyone know if the Coach patent bags get that funny plastic smell after a while? I have a J. Crew patent bag I love but after 6 months it started to have that stinky plastic order I can only describe as rotten fish? Anyone owned a patent bag long term?
  2. Maybe at their store?
  3. Wait...only 200. Hopefully they meant for their store. Otherwise i dont' think that will be near enough.
  4. Yeah I'm thinking only for their store. Why would they only have 200 for the WHOLE WORLD!
  5. I can't imagine a store getting 200 of one bag, though, it never works that way for us-- at least not at the boutique I work at. We get a limited number of things, then more come in as we sell out-- 200 is way high. And if she meant they were only making 200 of the black patent hobo I'd think they'd tout it as a limited edition. I'm just not sure about this.:confused1: I'm sure they will make more than 200 if the bag sells well.
  6. Hi, I just called Coach and this is what they told me.
    The Ergo Black Patent Hobo is available in large quantity right now. The red Patent Ergo Hobo will be available to order on May 7th. This is not a limited edition item and there are way more than 200 for the world.
  7. They are also heavily advertising this bag at Macy's and Nordstrom's so I doubt it is a LE as well.
  8. Does anyone know if the red patent is going to be like the vermillion color or more of a true red?

  9. Yes, I am intrieged about this as well. I am not a huge fan of the red color of the patent coin purse. So I really want to see this IRL.
  10. can't wait to see modeling pics of the patent ergo!