Ergo Patent Hobo VS. Tote

  1. I've already order the patent hobo but am wondering if I might like the tote better. I'm a petite lady so I'm worried about whether the hobo will look too big on me.

    Previously, I got the signature ergo hobo but it was so stiff it looked pretty big on me. After trying on the large patent last year, the patent seems to hang a lot better than the fabric bags.

    In terms of access, I can go either way with a zip top or the tote style.

    It seems like I better make up my mind if these pond patent items are limited.

  2. For me the hobo is way better. The tote always slips off of my shoulder and I love having a zip top rather that the dog leash closure.:yes:
  3. The single strap bags do tend to stay on the shoulder better.

    I love your ergo hobos! Hopefully, I love mine too!
  4. I prefer the hobos. :tup:
  5. Either way the bag is beautiful. I think the patent is not as stiff and that the one you ordered will hang beautifully. Post modeling pics when you get it and we will see.
  6. I have a hobo and I love it, but i've been eyeing up the tote lately because it seems roomier.
  7. I think the tote is prettiest b/c it has the legacy lining which looks amazing against the pond color!! Now for practicality, the tote looks like it would hold more but doesn't zip close like the hobo (which doesn't sound like it would be an issue for you). Would it work for you to order both and be able to compare them side by side? I've found that helps a TON in making such a decision.
  8. what color did you get POND??
  9. I gently asked my husband when we were near the Coach store to go in. So, I went in and tried on both. I think I like the hobo better than the tote.

    I got the pond color. I love bags that are just different and this fits the bill!
  10. so you got the bag today?? how do you like it so far?? and how roomy is the bag??
  11. I love my Ergo hobo. So comfy!!:love:
  12. Nope, I don't have the bag yet...ordered it when it went up on the website. I can't wait...
  13. i just got the ergo hobo in brown patent and LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!
  14. anyone here knows about patent gallery tote 10380 or any patent leather...Do they carry its genuine leather smell?

    Just wonder as the leather has been covered underneath, i just love fresh genuine leather flavor....