Ergo @ Outlets?

  1. Has anyone bought an Ergo @ the outlet?

    If so, may i be nosey and ask how much u paid?

  2. Yep, I know for a fact that they have lots of them and I believe they are in the clearance section with 20% off the markdown price.
  3. I assume you are talking about more recently........but I bought my ergo tote this July at the Nags Head, NC, outlet. I think I paid $186 for it. Down from $328. Seems like the small hobos were in the $150 range.
  4. Yes, I think in the past and even currently they have the ergos from the last line, but the new ergos I have not seen in the outlets.. the new ones have a longer drop length which makes a big difference in the hobos. :yes:
  5. I bought the medium ergo tote at the outlet and i paid i believe $198.00
    down from $268, I think they had them for like 230 or so, but they were 20% off that[​IMG]
  6. I saw a few at Tannersville, PA yesterday. I don't know the exact style, I only had a few minutes, but they were down to $299 and then 20% off that so I'm assuming they were the large size.
  7. the ones that are currently at the outlets are the leather ones. i think they are about 198 + 20% off for the medium. i didn't see any signature though.
  8. I was at the outlet in Jeffersonville, OH over the weekend and they had tons of Ergos. Mostly totes but a few hobos too. I believe the large totes were maybe like $249 and then 20% off of that. I could be wrong about the price but I know they were 20% off.
  9. large sig ergo at macys for 258$ bought last week they had a large leather ergo for 150$
  10. Large ergo tote in turquoise. I think it was 230 with tax. Great deal. Recently I've seen the camel and black at the outlet.
  11. i havent but i have seen them there
  12. i know this is an outlet thread, but if you're looking for ergo, macy's has some camel large ergos on sale for $128, pretty good deal.
  13. Can you use ur PCE there? @ Macys?
  14. No PCE is for full-priced Coach boutiques only.
  15. try macys!