Ergo - new or old?


Which ergo style?

  1. Old Style

  2. New 2007 Model

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  1. Which do you guys prefer - the vintage ergo (from about 3-4 years ago), or the new style?
  2. I really like the new style best.
  3. I don't know what the old style looked like so I can't say. I love my new one though. *L*
  4. ^^^

    Same here. Perhaps someone can post a side by side view?
  5. Don't know what the old one looks like either.
  6. [​IMG]
    here's one of the older styles....they looked like that and some of them were bigger or smaller...and in different colors
  7. ^^Thanks for posting that for us. :smile:

    I most definitely prefer the new styles.
  8. Ah, I def. prefer the new ones.
  9. I have the small ergo hobo (2002 model) in black and I absolutely adore it. It sits so well on my shoulder and is so simple in design that it goes with everything so nicely -- dressed up or down.

    I voted for the older model because that's what I have and I love it, but I like the newer model too (just not too sure about the pocket on the outside).
  10. I vote for the newer one.
  11. newer!! turquoise is my favorite.
  12. I like the newer Hobos better but I don't own one...
    I have two Ergo Signature Totes. :love:
  13. I voted for older style. I had a smaller one that I gave to my mom. It sat better on my shoulder than the new ones and was a lot more comfy. I sometimes think about purchasing an older style off of eBay in a bigger size. Haven't done it yet, maybe when the right one comes along!

  14. tlloveshim:

    I vote for the older style too. It just lays better on the shoulder and is certainly more comfy. I have three of the Ergos from 2002. The Hobo from 2002 is my favorite, No. 9227 and No. 9228, you can see them in the drilldown. My second favorite would have to be this years Ergo Tote - either in the leather or vachetta leather - this style is one of the best ones Coach has ever done.

  15. Can we get a button for both? :biggrin:

    Always the indecisive one, I kinda like both styles. I've seen the older ones on eBay and like them for their simplicity, and I've come to like the design of the new ones as well.