Ergo Mini Skinny

  1. I was wondering if you guys could fill me in about the Ergo Mini Skinny? (link: ). I don't remember seeing it on the website, but I was out of the loop for a few months when school got really busy. Have you guys seen it in stores?

    On the website it says that it's 4.5" x 4". Can anyone with the mini skinny verify that it's actually that size? Second, the default picture for the item is in a pretty plum/wine color, but I don't see it listed. Did I miss the boat for that color???

    Thanks for any info you guys can provide info!

    Forgot to add another question. I received a mini skinny as a Christmas present, but the gifter no longer has the receipt. Will I be getting store credit at the current price or at the price after a PCE discount. For what it's worth, I know for a fact that the gifter didn't receive a PCE discount, because she's brand new to Coach. Thanks so much!
    coach ergo.jpg
  2. I'm not sure about the product, it's very cute though. But you most likely will receive a store credit for the full price of the product. If she did not receive the PCE discount, then you will not get the PCE price back...which is good, because you'll be getting more money back!
  3. thanks for the response! i guess i'm just not sure how they'd be able to tell whether or not she paid full price. going to try after the new year holidays though. yayyy for coach credit :biggrin:
  4. I believe this was $48, saw it in Macy's, Coach, AND Lord&Taylor just this past weekend. The dimensions are the same as all the other skinnies. Pretty sure you will get a store credit for the full price.
  5. thanks margaritamix! i was kind of hoping it'd be a little bit bigger (4" instead of 3") but i guess that's just a typo.
  6. I think Coach can tell if you're a preferred customer or not. So they would know whether or not she got the discount for it. They'd give her full price back.