Ergo Love

  1. I just had to let you all know how much I LOVE my Ergo. We just got back from vacation. I used my blue Willis for the airplane rides. I use is cross shoulder and can get to my stuff quickly. I also took my Ergo hobo for the time I was there. I used it all the time. I took it to Niagara Falls and let me tell you, it rocks :tup:. It got wet with all the mist, I took it with me on the Maid of the Mist boat ride (under the plastic poncho, of course) and it came out perfect. So lightweight, so comfortable. It's just one perfect bag!!! Here's a pic of us with Ergo. I'm 4'9" and chubby. I'm also wearing my Lexi sunglasses

  2. You look so cute! Sounds like you had a great vacation! My uncle just got back from Niagra Falls and did that same boat ride. :smile: I'll have to do that someday. The ergos are awesome. You are VERY brave to take it on the boat, though! LOL...... I would've brought a Target junkie for that ride!:yes:
  3. I kinda later realized it wasn't a good idea. I never thought there'd be so much mist!! The leather didn't stain with the water so it's all good! If you don't have one, get one!
  4. I have to admit, I really didn't like the Ergos when the line first came out. But now, I am in love with them! I'm hoping for a PCE, so I can go out and buy one =P
  5. Cute photo! Love the bag and the sunnies :tup: