Ergo Line and others: Department Store Exclusives?

  1. So, while I was cruising the macy's website, I found these: What do you think?

    Ergo Signature French Wallet (it's the reverse of the leather one)
    Ergo Belted Slim Envelope[​IMG]
    Ergo Mini Skinny[​IMG]
    Ergo Swingpack[​IMG]

    Also, the Abbey Leather flap, Chelsea Laced Satchel are posted.
  2. I think the mini skinny looks nice.
  3. The mini skinny looks :drool:!!!! Me want!!
  4. I agree, the mini skinny is cute.. the others I'll pass ;)
  5. Thanks for sharing! The mini skinny is really cute, and I actually really like the swingpack. Most of the swingpacks with leather on them I dont particularly care for, but that one is cute.
  6. I saw the ergo signature french wallet IRL in my is the EXACT match to the ergos #11290 and looks GORGEOUS together!!! If you have this ergo, this wallet is a MUST HAVE!!!!
  7. I saw the skinny today at Macy's with the black trim and :drool:.....almost got it but I don't really have any use for it.