ERGO LEATHER TOTE chocolate #10743 or #11285 ?

  1. Hi, I am writing from Germany and I need your help !

    I just have received an ERGO LEATHER TOTE #11285 color Chocolate directly from Coach in Florida.
    I was very surprised to see the bag has LEGACY stripe lining !
    I was advised by COACH that the older version #10743 had LEGACY stripe but #11285 has normal dark fabric lining.
    However, on the leather label inside #11285 is carved.
    Have they just changed the label ? But I could not find out if there were also color Chocolate for the style #10743.

    I am really confused ! What did they send to me ...!? :confused1::confused1:


    This is a picture from eBay, not my original one (I don't know how to do it) but my bag looks like this.
    And I think the leather is also different, it is not so shiny as I saw #11285 with dark fabric lining in the shop
    and I am not very happy about it:

    This is the original picture of COACH for #11285. So beautiful ...!

    Did COACH send me an old stock ? I really would like to know what happend.
    Can anybody help me ?
    I would be very very grateful if someone knows about this issue and can help me.
    Thank you.
  2. The older bags do have the striped lining. I think the bag you got must have been made around the time the new style came out and they just stuck a new tag on it. I would call and ask about that. Its not fair that you ordered the new style and got the old..
  3. Ok, that first picture is from my eBay auction. 11285 has the legacy lining. I purchased the bag in September 2007, and is the current version that is being sold in boutiques and on the website.

    I'm not sure what you are asking - are you unhappy with the Legacy lining? All the chocolate totes in the boutiques near me have that lining, so I'm sure it's not a bunch of old bags with new tags on it. Perhaps the person you talked to was incorrect about the current lining of the bags?
  4. I thought the Ergo totes all had Legacy lining. The hobos have the regular fabric lining. That chocolate leather bag is on my wish list and I'm almost positive it's supposed to have legacy lining.
  5. I would confer with this statement, the totes have Legacy stripe lining while the hobos have solid lining.
  6. Thank you very much sinniebunnie and ImASadGiraffe for your answer.
    Thank you veru much also to let me join to this nice forum.

    ImASadGiraffe, thank you very much that you forgave me for "stealing" your picture !
    I am very sorry about it...

    And I am glad to hear that you are sure it's not a bunch of old bags with new tags on it.
    I was really worried and thought that they sent me their old stock. I already have paid
    around 100 dollar for the shipping and another 100 dollar for import duty and tax.

    Therefore it is impossible for me to send it back to US, what shoud cost me again about 100 dollar...
    Total 300 dollar in order to get 328 dollar refund...!

    Yes, I'm happy with the Legacy lining, it is very beautiful. But I think the leather is different.
    I like the shiny look of the chocolate color shown at Coach Official Site.
    But the one I have received is mat and different from the bags I saw recently in shops
    in Japan (they looked exactly same as the picture at

    I suppose the old version is glove tanned leather and new one with nappa leather.
    Does someone know about it ?
    If I'm wrong and someone can confirm me that there is only one version of the leather,
    no matter which lining is used, I would be very happy to know it.:idea:
  7. It is no longer so. The newer version of ERGO LEATHER TOTEs have dark fabric lining.

    I am 100 % sure because I saw the bags with dark lining in the shop and the Consumer
    Service confirmed it to me, too.

    That's why I thought they sent me their old stock.
    But if there are some in shops with Legacy lining they are not very old...
    I'm happy to know it...

    Only the question about the material of the leather is not clear for me and
    the Consumer Service has not given me an answer on it sofar...
  8. truthfully staring at the pictures longer the 2nd bag.. the dark lining you see is actually the leather on the strap.. i know for a fact the older all leather totes have striped lining.. i personally like the stripes more, it gives it some style when you dig for stuff in your bag.. my large sig tote is dark brown and kinda well boring..